Sunday, November 11, 2012


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After watching one of sammi’s (from beautycrush) videos this morning I realised I really missed my rail, after moving into my house last year I felt like I no longer needed a rail because my wardrobe had one inside and it fit all my clothes quite nicely. But over the last year I have bought quite a few more clothes and my wardrobe is pretty full, so I whipped out this rail and I love it. I love how my clothes are on show in my room and I think it makes my room more ‘homely’.
Recently I have also been realising that I have hardly any nice A/W clothes until I got my rail out, sorted my wardrobe and realised I have loads, and I don’t have to go spending loads of money on new ones.  Phew.
My A/W wardrobe this year consists of mainly fur, stripes (new obsession!), sequins, dark colours and velvet.