Saturday, November 10, 2012

World's Fashion Network is now LIVE: Style Stanza

Hello Everyone!!!

How is everyone doing? I'm feeling on top of the world ^_^ Any idea why?

It's because the Fashion Network I work in.. My Love, my Job.. Is LIVE NOW!!!!

Style Stanza is World's Fashion Network where everything you do from getting ready in the morning, going to work/college/school; everything you see & listen, dance, music, art.. 
Basically, Everything and everyone is related to Fashion here!

Fashion, Style, Trend are directly proportional to what is happening around you and within you. Whatever you think, whoever you are and wherever you come from; is depicted by your Style which could be inspired from what is Trending in Fashion.

So I REQUEST EVERYONE TO REGISTER themselves at this amazing Fashion Network- Style Stanza. It's NOT just for Women but Men too! :) It would mean the world to me if you register and read the articles as well.. I'm listing some of my articles.. Please take a look :)

Click on Picture to read the post :)

1. Men's Guide to Fall Fashion

2. How to Color Block?

3. A little twist to Everyday hair!

4. Have you got the Gangnam Style?

5. Taylor Swift says Red

These are just the posts which have gone live... More are yet to come :) Stay tuned and PLEASE register and subscribe to the website.. It would mean so much to me :)



Let me know by comment, who all have registered! :)

Until next time