Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Fashion Rush Overview


I am really proud of my blog to this day. I never really imagined that over 650 people would be interested in me, my outfits and my blog. In a year I have achieved so much on my blog. I reached a tonne of followers, got sent clothes for free (!!!?!) and went to a blogger party (delayed post coming soon I promise!) I love blogging so much and really appreciate everyone who follows my little ol’ blog.

In 2013 a few of my goals for the year for my blog are:
-to reach 1000 followers (absolute dream!)
-blog more
-take more time in my writing
-go to a blogger awards party (yes, cosmo blog awards that was aimed at you)

I hope everyone dances their socks off tonight and I wish all of you an amazing new year,
Tigerlilly xxxxxxx