Friday, December 21, 2012

My Christmas Wishlist + Nail Art Ideas for Christmas

Hey Gorgeous

Christmas is coming.. excited much? I am :D Especially because of the magic in the air and love all around <3 Do I sound poetic? (No/Yes?) It just makes me happy.. So without wasting time on mindless blabbering, I'll come straight to MY FIRST WISHLIST- My Christmas Wishlist

Here's my Christmas Wishlist

1. Bebe Bodycon Dress
2. Zara Box Clutch
3. Zara Leather Heels
4. Zara Tote Bag
5. Dior Vernis
6. Zara Heels
7. H&M beige Sweater
8. H&M sequin skirt
9. Forever 21 wedges
10. H&M lace dress
11. Forever 21 polka dot pants
12. Zara boots
13. H&M Collar necklace
14. H&M Blazer
15. H&M Leather Pants
16. Zara embellished heels

So ladies! Time to bring all the nail lacquers and start painting :) 

Here are the winners of!

Congratulations to all of you. Please confirm at and I will give you the coupon code. Remember: You have to pay for the shipping :)

Thank you everyone

Until next time
Merry Christmas