Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year Nail Art + Some Inspiration

Hello Sweethearts

Just three more days and it will be 2013. How many of you believed that World is Really GOING TO END? Be honest :D. Frankly I didn't pay any heed to the rumor, what so ever! So any which ways; we are ALIVE and Living, right? ^_^

So for the year that is going to come, 2013, I've done this cute nail art which I hope everyone likes. Even after the failed resolutions, let one thing be assured- A colorful start to New Year. As 31st December, 2012  and January 1,2013 would never come let's make this a memorable few hours of our lives :) Take a look at my Nail art!

Do you like it? Let me know with your comments below :)

I'd also like to write something here- Mr. A (I hope you remember him ;) ) said a few days back-

Let's not Discuss relationships, Let's Live Relationships

Have you ever wondered that we are so caught up in life's rat-trap that we have forgotten to LIVE and just continue making A LIVING. We talk about relationships- what's going wrong, blame & hurt each other, find solutions to problems and when the most important thing we must be doing is Living the relationship! I'm not talking just about a partner/spouse relationship but friends and family as well.

Next time when you are in a situation when you are not able to find a solution or are about to give up and don't want to please anyone anymore then just remember this- You don't have to continue this.
Just divert your mind with some songs, cooking, dance, movies or anything you like and then do things which both of you (friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend) love! Make plans, go out, enjoy and have fun. Don't feel obligated to do anything which your conscious doesn't permit you of! 
You don't like anything? Say it.. If someone doesn't like you they would say it, if they don't then it's not your problem to worry about them! Love yourself, be yourself and enjoy with people you love.

Forget everything and start living in all forms of life! Enjoy to the fullest and do what you always wanted to do. Don't think, do it :)

These are some of the virtues and lessons that would never die. I hope that you liked reading this LAST post of 2012 and got inspired a little. 
I want to THANK each and everyone of you for reading my blog and for all the love you shared in 2012. Whatever be my resolution and however tough life gets, I'll NEVER STOP BLOGGING! This is one of my Life's Resolutions. What about you? Share below :)

Keep Enjoying

Happy New Year. Love you 2012
Love you more 2013 ;) 
Have a great year ahead from Fictitious Fashion <3