Sunday, April 29, 2012

Zara, UCB and Kiehl's: A Craze

Hey All
How is everybody doing? Enjoying the weekend? Well, let me tell you, I had a great time yesterday and I think today would be awesome too :)

Yesterday, I went to Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj with my family and had a great great time spending time with them :) My Mom, isn't all appreciative of me buying clothes especially cos, one, I don't go out much, two, I have uniform at college.. So I rarely get time to wear anything except jammies when I'm home :D
This is the reason why I was so happy when she happily agreed to buy me whatever I like... Was I happy? Indeed...

Take a look into what I bought!

1) United Colors of Benetton- Room Slippers.
This is my First Branded slippers.. So it had to be here ;) I love the cute polka dots.. Trendy!

Funny thing, when I got back home, I realized I had recently bought a headband from New U, in the same pattern.
Of course I showed it in the previous post!

2. Pink Zara Pants!!! I can never go to Ambience mall and NOT check ZARA! My eyes literally popped out when I saw Pants and Denims in Pastels, mints, beige, hot pinks, hot reds and in every style ~ velvet, soft cotton, rugged, cropped! Oh, I love Zara!

The Fit is so GREAT! I will wear it on my younger Brother's B'day on May 2nd.. Wait up :)

3. The main reason why I went to Ambience mall was to redeem my Kiehl's voucher. Remember I told you that I had won the contest? Read here.

Frankly speaking- I am disappointed with my prize. I had traveled 50-60 kms for the gift and they gave me just a small bottle of sample. Premium winner I am, I thought I'd receive something huge and not 4ml of a sample! Yet, the lip balm, priced at 495/- . makes a huge impression on me by the kind of texture it has..  I haven't tried it though.. Will give the reviews in the subsequent posts :) 
Meanwhile see the bottle!

4. Now, a foodie we are, my brother has this little tradition of giving me a treat on his B'day... Since we already were out, he treated me with a Supreme Veggie from Pizza Hut... Slurp Slurp.
I didn't capture the pizza though, but I do have a picture of the Chocolate Mousse Shot. It was Yummy!!!!

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Next Post: A Big Surprise and a post full of Colors :)

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Until Then
Remix Your Wardrobe!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


(Jumper dress: H&M, tights: Primark, Bag: Vintage, Shoes: Friends)

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, after coming back from Spain my brother and I got measles and I have just started getting better. Still feel quite ill though.
These photos were taken almost 2 years ago I think, maybe less. Seems like yesterday, time really does fly. Thought I would post these pictures because the first photo is my all time favourite photo, I love the setting and went back there the other day with my friends and they have painted all over the graffiti, such a shame as the graffiti was so atmospheric.

Monday, April 23, 2012

My 50th Post!

A Big Hello and a warm welcome, everyone :)

This is a simple 50th post to remind myself that simplicity is the Best Policy besides Honest ;)
This has been (Not) a Long Journey for all of us at Fictitious Fashion, certain highs and certain lows. Some inspirational posts while others a quickie.. I Have Enjoyed writing each and every post for you and I hope you have enjoyed reading them too :)

So this is dedicated to BEING SIMPLE IN LIFE!

1. April 20th was my Friend's Birthday :)

We gave her a Yellow-off white Zovi Envelope clutch ,

A New U Metal Cuff, two nail paints and a free nail buffer :)

More Pictures, Coming soon :)

2. I did this Nail-Art recently.. I was getting bored so thought of doing tiny semi-circles on the edges of my nails :)

Fuchsia Nail enamel- Lakme, Pastel enamel- Borrowed from friend 
 3. Bought this cute Red polka dot Headband from New U. Cute Cute, right? :)

4. My 11 year old brother cooked Maggi for me :D You see the coriander leaf on the top? His idea :D He loves cooking :)

5. A cute and well noted picture from Tumblr.. Agree?

In the End, I'd Like to Thank All of You for being a Part of my Blog.. Really Love You guys :)

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Until Then
Keep things Simplified :)


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Brick Arch

(Hat: Accessorise, Top: Fashion Temple, Shorts: DIY charity jobby, Belt: Jumble Sale, Shoes: Shuch)

Its so much easier finding locations for my pictures in Spain, here I just jumped out the car whilst my dad went for a coffee and got my brother to snap a few pictures, woohoo.
I have exams in the next few weeks so I might abandon the blog for a bit, just means I wont update as often because I reallly need to concentrate on these ones.

Happiness is a Measure of Life + Contest Winner

Or is it the other way round?

Today, I will TALK THROUGH PICTURES.. Sure, A picture speaks a thousand words.. By the end of this post I'd have spoken 20k! :D

The Biggest Question in everybody's Lives? Are you happy? I will make you smile today.. Let's begin :)


Colors- All of them Will Make You Happy :)

What would you miss for this?

Now, lets talk about inner happiness.. Truly Satisfied to the Core! <3

See this picture a friend shared with me the other day :)

Are You Smiling Now? :) Or Have you started to think about the 10 points (above picture) ? Start Already! Waiting for the Grass to grow? It's your life.. LIVE IT YOUR WAY!

And Talking about My


So the Winner of My Blog Contest is...


Why is she the winner?
Creativity- Very Creative. No one would think of wearing a pretty maxi dress as a Mullet dress by using a Belt!!!!!
Novelty- This is a new idea. I haven't seen/heard it anywhere.
Uniqueness- Different from the rest of the entries

And here is what She gets!! A Forever 21 pendant necklace :)


Please mail me your contact address within 48 hours else I'll choose the 2nd best entry :)

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In the End, I'd like to make a very special note and THANK BHUMIKA from New Love-Makeup for sending me such an exciting voucher from Kiehl's.. Didn't you know? I won!!! :D Take a look :)

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See You Next Time :)

You know me ;)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012



aw5nxu6776741768_0c4c05a0b2_b fmv14yLoveIsInTheAir-pg02tumblr_li1b1fiob01qabwq2o1_500_large PsychedelicSunsets-pg04tumblr_lukwfkYU4F1qeo03no1_500tumblr_lhjqwpIt0x1qdn4nso1_500_largetumblr_lwuz44oR941r3ssjeo1_500
(Photos from Sora Park, Beautycrush, Pale Division, Lust For Life)

All these photos have been hiding in a little folder on my computer called ‘inspiration’ thought I would share them with you. I love all these pictures and outfits. Ahhh want it all. Liiitle bit obsessed with Sora Park or Park Sora, (don’t know which way round it is!) as you can probably see, her style is impeccable, shes amazing.