Friday, January 18, 2013

Current Major Shoe Obsessions



Click on the shoes to be led to them on the website

Urgh how gorgeous are these shoes? I am literally dying over the topshop ones on the right. Dying I tell you. They are £90 but aren't they just the most beautiful things you have ever seen? In order to raise funds for these shoes I have set up a bigcartel as I realised it is easer for people to buy from than my other blog shop. Unfortunately at the moment I can only put 5 items up at a time but I have a load more! Every time an item gets sold I will put a new one up. I put my fringed leather jacket up there so if ya liked that have a cheeky look at
Also both those gorgeous urban outfitters shoes are in the sale both for under £60. I have wanted the silver buckle ones for aaages and they are finally reduced and I really don’t want to spend anymore but they are too gorgeous to resist. I can’t get enough of boots at the moment, I looooooove boots.