Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Year

(Dress: Motel, Boots: schuh, leather jacket: charity shop)

Sorry this post is about a month late but I have been feeling really unmotivated for blogging recently with this weather. I struggling to look nice when the weather is about –1233596 degrees, I am beginning to look the same everyday as I'm wearing the same coat most days so its nothing really spectacular to blog. Its also waaay to cold to take blog photos, I swear I nearly got frostbite taking these photos.
I'm sure once the weather heats up a bit blogging will be back to twice a week.
I cant stand this weather however I keep telling myself ‘don't worry, this time next year you will be soaking up the sunrays on a luxurious beach in Thailand’ Im off travelling October till about june and I cant friking wait!


Ps how gorgeous is this motel dress. Literally my dream dress.