Monday, February 11, 2013

20 Facts About Me

So I have been seeing this 20 facts thing going round and thought I would hop on the bandwagon as I don’t feel like you guys know a lot/much at all about me. So here it is!

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1. Almost everyone calls me Tiger or Tigs, its very rare for someone to call me Tigerlilly (I think its because its too long!!)
2.I am one of 4 children and I’m actually the eldest.
3.I lived in Spain for 4 and a half years (from 9 to 13)
4.I had a blog before this blog but it wasn't very good and I had about 40 followers so I deleted it
5.I get very envious over other peoples clothes
6.I have a gorgeous dog called Jack
7.I have moved house over 10 times
8.I have been to 3 secondary schools
9.I am going travelling to thailand in october and shitting ma pants
10.I do photography, media and spanish at college
11.I was born in London
12.I have the most amazing best friend in the whole world called Fleur, shes like my soulmate best friend.
13.I laugh at myself more than I laugh at/with others
14.I take about 100 photos of myself on friends phones as presents
15.I’m almost always late to everything
16.I want to be a fashion photographer or a stylist when I’m older (or both!)
17.My favourite food is Mexican or Japanese
18.I go out for sushi at least 3 times a month (i have a 50% off card!!)
19.I have a dimple in my chin and everyone calls in my bum chin haha
20.Dancing is my favourite thing to do ever (not professionally haha just for fun!)