Monday, February 18, 2013

LFW Day 1: Street Style


The street style on friday was amazing, as the first day of fashion week a lot of people went all out. You may recognise a few people, Kavita from she wears fashion who looked absolutely gorgeous, Andy from style scrapbook who was so lovely, photo to follow when I do a bloggers special post, also I spent the majority of the day with the super stylish helena who is in the middle at the top! A man dressed up as Karl Lagerfeld described her as a funky zebra which made my day.
What do you think of the streetstyle snaps I took?
I wanted to take more of people but I was a bit too shy to ask people! I’m going up to LFW again tomorrow so will try to take some more for sure.
I got street snapped quite a few times which was so cool, I felt so famous! I went out to grab some lunch with shope and got bombarded by cameras on the street and got so many funny looks from passers by, but its possibly the best feeling being snapped as you know you have done well with putting your outfit together! Let me know if you see me on any blogs/websites etc as I didn’t give anyone my blog or anything, silly me… I need to get cards done or something. I’m so unprofessional.