Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spring Summer 2013: SPLASH

Hello Everyone

Today I'd be introducing my own Ensemble made from the wonderful collection of SPLASH

My inspiration behind the Look

While the literal meaning of the word Splash maybe 'a sound which is made by falling something into water'. In the world of fashion we can associate it with two things 
SPLASH- The Brand
and Splash Of colors

I've imbibed the colors with the brand and created a look in lime and coral which would be a huge hit this Spring.
Captivating yet striking colors when paired together gives unmatched results which can certainly be carried forward by a confident lady. In modern times, all we need is a bit of glamour tossed with confidence and panache. What better to describe her than with sleeveless asymmetrical blouse, a structured blazer and blue denims. Taking the outfit up a notch is the animal instinct which everyone has~ An owl Pendant! Finish the look with a flower cuff and a classic pair of black shades!

Elegance takes a different turn as all we need is SPLASH!

Stay Stylish