Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The 10 Colors of 2013: Pantone

Hey Guys

I'm in such a good mood. After seeing colors, flowers, food, couples in love, smiles: I'm in a better mood :)

Today, I'd like to do a colorful post on the Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2013

These are some of the Best colors which have already started trending. Let's take a look on the colors and how to imbibe them into our wardrobes.

1) Emerald

The Pantone Color of the year, 2013 is indeed a very graceful color.

2) Mykonos Blue (monoco blue)

Ditch the monotonous Blue and welcome this endearing color.

3) Linden Green (greenish yellow)

The new Khaki and the color that brings us closer to nature is one to lookout for on runways.

4) Acai (midnight violet)

This color exudes richness and luxury that are class apart! Color-block your way into Acai.

5) Samba (poppy red)

The Sizzling samba dance and this shade; synonymous, isn't it? Switch into a dramatic mode with this one!

6) Koi (nectarine)

Moving away from Tangerine we have Nectarine aka koi. Mix n match with this superior color!

7) Deep Lichen Green (Moss Green)

A dynamic color featuring a richness of cool green shade.

8) Vivacious (Deep fuchsia)

My personal favorite, this would instantly boost your mood and is always peppy to wear!

9)Carafe (yellowish coffee)

A very rich brown which is easy to wear and easier to earn the 'brownie' points. 

10) Turbulence (Shades of Grey)

Very sophisticated grey and we won't miss the dull one!

Tell me your FAVORITE COLOR now :D

Hope you enjoyed reading the post :)