Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ziad Ghanem

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Unfortunately I didn’t get the best photographs, the majority of them are of Made In Chelsea’s Mark Francis and Victoria’s heads as they were sat right in front of me. It’s quite funny actually, they arrived late and there were no seats for them! Until someone didn’t show up who was supposed to be sat front row they nabbed it, both of them on one seat. Quite funny actually.
I was so lucky to be invited to the Ziad Ghanem show, I went last year (my first fashion show) and absolutely loved it and he is quickly becoming one of my favourite designers. His work is so creative and I love how theatrical the shows are. He also uses a variety of models which is really refreshing, from different races to different sizes. How it should be.
The collection was really beautiful, so annoying that I couldn’t get many good quality photographs… I’m supposed to be a photography student as well! Tut tut my teacher would not be proud.
I got invited to his show as my best friends uncle is a good friend of his so we got tickets, after we went for some super yummy sushi at a restaurant called Satsuma in Soho which was amazing, definitely recommend it if your a sushi fanatic like me!

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