Thursday, March 14, 2013

GIVEAWAY: 2 winners get INR 1000 each from IKNOW

Hello Everyone :)

I recently told you about me feeling happy and generous :D So here's the reward for you~ A GIVEAWAY!!!!

You heard it right!

The generous people from IKNOW have agreed to reward NOT one but TWO readers of Fictitious Fashion with INR 1000 each!!!! Isn't it wonderful? Thank you IKnow :)

Juggling with where you heard this name before? I wore their Crimson and Black Shirt in my previous posts and wrote about their website.

Shirt by IKNOW. Click on the picture to read the full post. 

Please note: It is ONLY meant for people with Indian Address or Residents of India.

So here's the giveaway! :)

Ends on 5th of April, 2013.

Please complete the compulsory steps to be eligible for the Giveaway!

Best of Luck to everyone :)