Saturday, April 20, 2013


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(Cap: eBay, Crochet dress: charity shop, Boots: Topshop Adonis, Sunglasses: H&M)

GUYS. I HAVE BEEN SHORTLISTED FOR THE COMPANY BLOG AWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much if you nominated me it means so much to even be shortlisted! Obviously it would be incredible to win, if you fancy voting for me I will be over the moon. Best teen fashion blog is on page 8 and you have to click next page until you find it, bit of a hassle I know! But yes if you do vote for me let me know!
Back to the outfit, I have seen people wearing backwards caps all over tumblr (im an avid tumblrernow: follow me and thought it looked so cool! I havent seen many people out and about wearing caps other than Rihanna and its not like I see her out and about down my local pub or anything, so I thought id start the trend round here. I think it looks really cool and unexpected. Paired it with this gorgeous crochet dress to add a sort of boho feel to the outfit.