Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jumble Sale Goodies

new in n outfitz 004new in n outfitz 005new in n outfitz 002
So I have been having problems with my camera so been using my stepdads and he has gone away with my mum on a little romantic getaway to Greece for their anniversary (cute right?) and taken his camera with him.. which means no outfit photos till at least next Tuesday, but I will be updating my instagram with outfits so if you don’t follow me already go follow me I update allll the time: @ttigerlilly
These are a couple of items I picked up from the jumble sale a few weeks back, got a bunch more stuff but as my camera is broken, I can’t photograph it! Anyway I’m uuuuber obsessed with bright blue at the moment hence my new moto jacket that I wore a few posts back, so couldn’t resist grabbing these electric blue gym shorts, I’m sure I can make them work somehow.  Also how incredible are the black shorts? I’m about 90% sure they are men's boxers/pjs which is grim but they were too cool to leave, so I washed them about a zillion times and now they are good to go! The pattern is so cool and who doesn't want stars, suns and moons all over their shorts?