Sunday, April 7, 2013


(Dress & Belt: Jumble Sale, Sunglasses:Urban Outfitters, Boots: JC Tardy)

I love this dress so much, I got it yesterday at a little jumble sale down my road for 20p along with a pair of levis, a baseball jacket, a circle skirt and a bunch of other stuff. I’m addicted to jumble sales. and car boots and anywhere I can grab a bargain. From having limited money (no job) I have found myself with a tonne of clothes however the majority of them cost less than a pound. Tomorrow I have a job interview hopefully (pray for me guys) I will get it! I really cant survive on selling stuff on eBay, need a proper income!
This dress is actually a size 28 women's top but fits me as a dress! Hurrah! I love the funky ribbed material and if I fancy I can always mix it up and wear it as a top.
Hello pale legs, I mean c’mon could my legs get any whiter?!?! Need some tan quick, can’t deal with pale legs any longer. Need hot beautiful sun. Preferably in the Caribbean.