Monday, April 29, 2013

To your Heart's Desire

Hello People :)

Today I'd be writing what I love to write about :D Love and Relationships. So leave what you are doing cos I'm sure after reading this, you'll think about what needs to be thought. Confused? Don't be. Read along :)

P.S. This is not my Story! These are pure thoughts. So anyone who is in disapproval, I respect you :)

Any relationship requires constant effort to be put in, day in and day out. You have to express your love in a million ways so that the other person knows that YOU ARE THERE for them. They shouldn't feel neglected and you shouldn't have to feel guilty of not doing so. If you are, then it's better to make amends right now! They say, It's Never too Late but it would be too late if you lose that person.

What people fail to realize is that when they are there, in the present, loving each other, caring for each other and making it a point to go out of their comfort zone; then that is it! You are in the best phase that life could possibly give you. Cherish it, you are lucky that you have someone who will go to any lengths to make you happy even if they are having a hard time.

Then there are those who continue to make compromises and sacrifices, putting their best and receiving nothing in return. The other person might be all the good that they could be but nothing comes out from them; then you wonder whether you made the right choice or not. You realize that nothing good can come out of this relationship and so you make a decision to end it for your sake. Then by the sheer chance of luck or miracle something happens and the person changes and realizes that you are important. What do you do? Do you give them a chance or let it go?

People say it is better to forgive and forget than repent later. My next question is, how does one know when to stop being the better person and leave everything for the betterment of one's future. It is okay to make mistakes but it is not okay to repeat them. Mistakes are our teachers: if we don't learn from them, we are insulting our past, present and future. The Answer: Forgive until you feel that your self esteem is intact, until you feel you are respected and taken seriously! Don't carry the devil on your back if you can't enjoy the dance!

I want to ask everyone here, if you are given two situations~ One in which there is perennial love but no happiness and second, in which there is umpteen amount of happiness but no Love. Which one would you choose? I know most of you might be thinking, what the hell I'm talking about (LOL) but lemme explain. First one is when you know you love them but are not happy because of things they do or don't do. Second is one where you love being with them, you are happy and safe with them but you don't love them in the obvious way.
The reason why I'm focusing on just the above ones is because I want to know what people would choose~ Love or Happiness (if these are the only options available)

Everyone wants love even if we don't express it. Subconsciously, in our mind, we need approval of that special someone whom we are incomplete without. Incomplete in the sense of fullness of life's goals, in the sense of our drawbacks and our dreams. One cannot prosper without happiness and I would laugh at their face (sorry) if they say otherwise! You are happy with yourself and someone makes you happy are two different things. So, next time you tell anyone that you are not happy with them, don't question yourself; whether it's you or them. The answer is always the latter!

You cannot make anyone happy if you are not happy from the inside. So first be happy and content with yourself, know what you want in life and from a relationship, know yourself inside out and then only step into any relationship. You can fall in love without your wish but it's upto you whether you want to be in a relationship or not. It is imperative for someone to be officially tagged 'a couple' for many reasons and so it's completely your choice whether you want to be in one or not. Don't make a fool of yourself and of others by thinking that the relationship will run its course and you wouldn't have to worry a bit! Constant love, care, understanding, communication, trust and the willingness to keep it going is what builds a healthy relationship.
If you have one, Nurture it :)

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