Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Amourx: Cutesy Love

Hello Hello

I'm on a OOTD (sort of) roll!!! :D Aren't you proud of me? I'm proud of me ;)

Remember my Grand 500 followers Giveaway? Take a look

They had sent me a package earlier but it couldn't reach me :( The kind people have sent it again and here it is <3


The Shop is single handedly owned and run by Colleen Chan who resides in Melbourne, Australia. Read her inspirational Story here. The wonderful words would make you think that she is a nice person. Oh! Yes yes. She is a sweetheart! She makes all the jewellery that you see on her website; from the scratch, on her own! o.O

What I love about Amourx

- First of all, the landing page is gorgeous. If the first impression of any website is good then I happily collect all the good-points about them :D
- The jewellery looks exactly the same as it is on the website!
- She wraps the packages with utmost grace, in cute net pouches and a tiny box (mine was).
- The condition of the item was superb!
- Free Worldwide Shipping!
- All items are shipped within 24hrs.

See what I had ordered :)

Owl Bobby Pins
Fabric covered button stud earrings- Teal
Gold Dipped heart stud earrings
Now Let's have me in the pictures ;)

See how they stand out!

You have seen the Messy Braid! The Neat Braid! Now see Neassy Braid ;)
Neat from top, messy from bottom ;) ~ Fictitious Fashion DIY :P

An Accidental Click!
My First Selfie :D

My Fav! :D

Did you like the pictures? I always ask this question!LOL

Let me know how you like the jewellery :)

Thank you Amourx.

This post is incomplete, in the outfit sense! Would be completed in the coming days :)

48 hours sale
$4.99 for each jewelry & FREE SHIPPING
Prepare for summer holiday