Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Leather Lust

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(Top: Charity Shop, Belt: Jumble Sale, Skirt: Motel Rocks)

Been lusting after a leather skirt forever and found this gorgeous little number in the motel sale for only £18! Been wanting everything leather recently, on a bit of a leather hunt. Currently on my list is a leather dress, a leather playsuit and a white leather jacket. Maybe throw in some leather shorts too while we’re here, why not. Love me some leather shorts. This top is actually a cardigan, the other day I realised how much cooler it looks worn the other way round, and then you get some sexy back cleavage, so much more fashionable than real cleavage right fashionistas? Right.
On another topic I went to boots today and grabbed some blonde hair dye, not sure if you guys have noticed but my hair has darkened so much over winter it used to be so nice and blonde. So going to hopefully dye it next weekend. Can’t wait, thinking of dying it mary kate & ashley olsen 2005 type hair. Wish me luck.
So happy it’s may, the weather is being a beaut here so very super happy tiger