Thursday, May 23, 2013

Persunmall: * Wishlist *

Hello Dearies :)

I want to share an exciting news with you. If you are a regular on my Facebook page then you'd know about an International Contest I'm about to host as soon as my Facebook page hits 2000. It is 1,638 now. Another news~ When I have 1700 fans on Facebook then I'd disclose the Contest item! So Like my Page if you haven't :)

Moving on.. Today I'm making a Wishlist :D Excited much? I am :)

A little about PERSUN

It is a global online shopping website focused on Women's fashion including tops, bottoms, accessories and jewellery.
They have listed 10 reasons why you must opt for Persunmall, HERE. Go have a look :)

Meanwhile, My Wishlist

Truly mesmerized by Blue, I am! I found this Cobal Blue Chiffon blouse absolutely irresistible! Could Color-Block it so effectively! I'm simply in love with these pointed toe flats in Royal Blue. Flats are the quintessential of a girl! I speak highly of Comfortable fashion and this Chiffon pleated Maxi skirt in Blue is my style!

Yellow is an attractive color! Literally! It's bright and it's right ;)
I love these Daffodile Suede Platform pumps from their shoe collection. Now this Bohemian Multicolored necklace would go very well with the above cobalt blue blouse! I quite liked the wave like cuttings of the flap and an elegant brooch in the middle of this satchel bag.

We have talked of brights, now it's time for pastel! 
Besides mint blue, I love peach! :D (The fruit too :P)

There are so many reasons why I like this Color-Block Chiffon pleated dress. One is in the name! Next for the major part of the color it has~ peach. So apt for Delhi summers!
Everyone MUST have these Bianca Jazz Platform Pumps in Pink. No reason necessary. I've been eyeing this Multicolor contrast chiffon shirt for quite some time now. Just look at it and tell me why it won't go with almost everything (bottoms) in your wardrobe.

Tell me your favorite from :)


Attention everyone!

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