Monday, June 17, 2013


(Long cardigan: ebay, Boots: topshop, white crop top: h&m, belt: charity shop, sunglasses: car boot, bracelets: car boot)

Oh hey guys, forgot you were there (kidding, how could I ever forget you guys?!) sorry its been so long, been working like crazy in order to pay for my very expensive summer, anyone else find their summer way more expensive than planned? Not ideal is it?
Okay lets talk about this outfit. This is a deffo ‘Me’ outfit. I don’t know if you guys have particularly noticed, but I like to experiment with different looks and outfits and try new things out and sometimes I love them and sometimes they are just not ‘me’ enough and I end up not wearing it again. I put this outfit on today, looked in the mirror and said to myself ‘this is such a me outfit’ , the combination of stacked on silver jewellery and the flowy long tie dye cardi just makes me feel on top of the world… Okay I'm rambling and probably not making a lot of sense but for those of you that don’t understand I'm basically trying to say that I am head over heels for this outfit and will most definitely be wearing it all week. and weekend. maybe whole month?
okay its late, I must sleep before I talk about more crap.
Big love to you beautiful readers, love you to the moon and back <3 x