Thursday, July 25, 2013

PARIS–Floral For Once

(Hat: Oasap, Dress: Vintage from paris, Belt: Charity Shop, Bag: Zara Sale, Gladiator Sandals: Topshop)
For those of you that don’t know, yesterday was my 18th birthday and as a birthday treat my lovely mama whisked me off to Paris for a couple of days. It was supposed to be a surprise but my mother is a bad liar and gave me too many clues so I was pretty much convinced a month in advance.
I have wanted to go to Paris for so long and boy did it give live up to my expectations, everything was just so perfect. The architecture is unbelievably beautiful, the metros were weirdly clean and empty, the people were uber friendly and overall it was one of the best birthday treats I've ever received. I am currently sat at home wishing I was still in Paris. The only thing I found was the complete lack of stylish people, I saw maybe 10 moderately stylish people in 2 and a half days, whats that about? I thought Paris was one of the fashion capitals of the world. Maybe I was just in the wrong area. But all in all, I couldn’t have had a better trip so big shout out to my wonderful mother for the best 18th birthday present a girl to ask for. I love you mum x