Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Bracelet Giveaway: Bellast

Hey Fellas

I'm back with another International Giveaway! :)

The Sponsor is:
Would tell in detail about them in the upcoming posts. Let's jump to the prize and rules of this giveaway!


The winner can pick ANY Bracelet from Below

1: Red Enamel Cuff Bangle
2: Leopard Crystal Chain Bracelet


1. Please complete the compulsory rules and comment below with your favorite item from above else you'll be disqualified.
2. You have to fill the rafflecopter form with the correct option.
3. If you don't have a facebook/twitter/Pinterest/Bloglovin account or a Blog: either make one and complete the steps of the giveaway or don't Click on "Enter/Done" 
People doing so, would be disqualified from entering in my future giveaways.

That's it!

Best of Luck! :)


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