Monday, August 5, 2013

Hairstyles in Vogue: Part I

Hey Friends

As you all know, I'm a lover of various kind of hairstyles including braids and ponytails!

I've been seeing a lot of versions of the same hairstyle and it entices me how I can wear a unique one each day. Let's take a look at some of my favorite ones :D

These are always fun and one of the quickest hairstyles to do! Wear them with a sexy off-shoulder tee and shorts. Carry a tote and sunglasses. Chic I say!
Some of you might not have very long hair or might not want to apply heat to your hair. Hair Extensions are the best addition for greater volume and lusture!

I personally love the Four/Five-strand braids for their elegance and uniqueness. Not many people can do this ;) These go great for relaxed evenings and dinner but who says that we can't wear them in the day! Tie a cute Bow for day! :D

The easiest hairstyle by far. You can back-comb the crown of your hair to give your face a younger look. What I  usually do is take a strand of hair and twist-wrap around the ponytail. (see bottom right picture)

There you go.. More hairstyles in the coming posts :)

Tell me which hairstyle do you usually wear and which ones do you WANT to wear!

BTW you might want to check out this amazing website I found on net~ SeekHair. They are number 1 in hair extension as per reviews. :) Go take a look!

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