Thursday, August 15, 2013


(Jacket: Missguided, Top: Vintage from Paris, Shorts: Jumble Sale, Shoes: new look)

Hey dudes, sorry its been so long (again), I remember saying that I will update at least twice a week in summer and so far I have not stuck to that promise at all. I somehow end up really busy when I want to blog and just never get round to it. Enough about that, how have you guys been? I received my a level results today and I didn’t do too badly (aka I passed everything) but I wont gloat about what I go blah di blah, if any of you guys also got your a level results through today I hope you did fabulously and got what you wanted.
I’m off out tonight and debating over heels and trainers, I like to go crazy on the dance floor when I’m out so I usually opt for trainers, why not?