Friday, September 27, 2013


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(Fur: Vintage, Necklace: Carboot, Hat: Borrowed from my mumma, Belts: Car boot, Bag: H&M)

Woah its been a long time. I am very very sorry for being the worlds shittest blogger. As you probably know (I have ranted on about it a gazillion times) my camera is broken and now being fixed (FINALLY) but its going to take 3 weeks. I have asked my lovely friend Cathy if I can borrow her camera now and again and she said yes so hopefully I will at least have 1 outfit post a week. I’m sorry for the delay I just haven’t felt up for blogging recently. But anyhoo i’m back, did ya miss me?
So yes, london fashion week. It was amazing per usual. It was 2 weeks ago now so to be honest a lot of it has drifted from my mind. I met up with the super lovely Amy and hung around with loads of other bloggers going to shows and hanging out in the amazing new look refuel room which is basically heaven in a room. There were smoothies, food, make up artists, hair people, a photobooth. Yeah, so, heaven. The weather was really shitty but we all ignored that and enjoyed the day regardless. After all the shows, Amy and I met up with the coolest twins in london shope and shore and went to nandos. Nom nom. Overall it was a really lovely day and I really can’'t wait for next season!