Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Link Exchange test

This post is purely for testing purposes

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Nofollow parameter

Three most important factors to gain better page rating: (1) backlinks, (2) backlinks, (3) backlinks.

What one think's is backlink building, other may say it's spambexing. On 2005 Google invented rel="nofollow" attribute. It blocks link juice transfer to linked site and changes visually functional link to no-value link in the eyes of search engines. In practice it means that Your link, provided in blog comment, doesn't count as backlink and doesn't pass any link juice.

Recognizing "nofollow" sites

How to recognise weather the link is "no-rmal" or "no-follow". Problem (or actually its not a problem, but blessing) is thas some blogs, forums and article site use "nofollow" as default and others are not using this blocking measure.  Easyest way is to open comment page and view source html. If You find one of following links:

A. Enjoy my < href=""> SEO blog < / a > and learn new tricks!

B. Enjoy my < href="" rel="nofollow"> SEO blog < / a > and learn new tricks!

A is normal link and B is nowollow link. So, posting comments in A environment is good idea from the perspective of getting backlinks. Posting to B environment is good idea from the point of traffic, but not backlinks. 

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tip of the day

Tip of the day is about anchor text in blog comments. As we know, blogs are one way to get free backlinks. My tip is about the blogs, what have at least 4 fields: Name, website, e-mail adress and comment. In these cases Your name will be linkable to website provided. My tip is:
Instead of Your name, use Name + relevant keyword

For example:
Name: Jack SEO consultant
Comment: Asdf asdf asdf ...

So, in the comments Name field is anchor-text linked to promoted website. When search engines find SEO and consulting in the anchor text, they may think that Your SEO blog (promoted website) has valued SEO content.

Always use value-added comment with Your original view, giving new information to readers. In most cases its usless to spam website into comment text, as its not linkable. Even, if its linkable, it's still only URL, what is not highly valued by search engines. Only in very few blogs comments may contain links with anchor.


Please notice, that this blog uses nofolliw argument and my ancor text actually doesnt work, despite of nice anchor-text link created.

Comment box:

Page source:
class="gcomment">href='' rel='external nofollow'>Jack SEO consultant Says:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fast, faster and fastest

When I started blogging less than a month ago, I also set up SEO measurement table. Among other parameters I started to write down each day following parameters:

GBL - Google backlinks
YBL - Yahoo backlinks
MBL - MSN/Live backlinks

About a week nothing happened. Then, on the eight day Yahoo indexed first backlink and some pages. Day later MSN found backlink. At last, 19 days after setting up this site, Google indexed first backlink. During that time, Yahoo and MSN had indexed already 200+ and 400+ backlinks.

This test shows once again, that Google is extreamly picky about backlinks. Mostly my URL is in social networks, blog profiles etc. Practically no fixed anchor-text links on proper pages. Google is picky, 3 weeks later I have only 6 backlinks by Google, more than 50 times less than from other search sites.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Commenting gets harder

Today I left comment to Search Engine Roundtable post "How To Optimize for Something New and Unknown" 

And guess what, I got instant reply:


Your comment has been received and held for approval by the blog owner. It is very likely your comment will be automatically deleted via our comment spam solution. If you really want your comment to be added, please contact us immediately and we will try our best to get your comment live before it is automatically deleted.

Return to the original entry

Here is my comment:

"First You should start through known and popular, then user-generated, as mentioned.

Jack "
Whats possibly wrong with that? No website links or other spam..

Monday, October 13, 2008

Google, Yahoo and MSN power struggle

Looks like there is no competition soon. Google's share in web searching is raising slowly, Yahoo is losing share (was 20%, now 12-13% or so), Microsoft has really tough uphill battle with 5% or so. But, actually Live search is sneaking in from the back door. Live signed contract with Blackberry to provide mobile search. We know, that its default search engine in Mobile Windows smartphones. Microsoft is expecting to grow search traffic, coming from handsets. So, be aware SEO consultants, game ain't over yet.

Google, link directories and DMOZ

We know, that Google hates all kind of web directories. We heard lately, that there is even high quality, but paid Yahoo Directory, U$ 299 per year and DMOZ ODP, are not recommended anymore by Google. Still there is ONE exeption Google admits, it uses data from DMOZ Open Directory Project.

For some reason this PR8 directory, edited by 80 thousand editors, containing over 4,6 million sites, is apprised by Google. Actually, Google directory mirrors the one. The Open Directory Project is the largest human edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by global community of volunteer editors. Google uses DMOZ data in addition to sites metadata. 

Getting listed in DMOZ is almost impossible. You may have high-quality, information-rich site, still it's not listed in years. There is lot's of speculations about corrupted editors. In general, webmaters are quite frustrated about the situation. 

My recommendation for DMOZ is:
  • take a minute and choose right topic
  • write really good description, no typos
  • submit it
  • forget it, don't resubmit it, editors don't like recurring submissions 
  • look after year, two, three -- may-be You are lucky
  • don't get angry being not listed, no big deal.
My personal opinion is, that DMOZ is not so important. Why?
  • It provides just a juice-less link, homepage has PR8, but directory content pages have much lower PR's, in some cases they are even not ranked, like ;
  • If Your website has full set of meta-data, Google has no need to fetch more info from DMOZ;
  • Very few people really uses Directories as start page to find so general information, most use search.
So, feel free to submit, it's Google friendly, but don't expect to be listed there at all...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Backlink is THE currency of the WEB

In the WEB-world links are everyhing. Without links, nobody will find Your web page, your services, goods and yourself. First, nobody is directed to Your pages, secondly no search engine will think You are reputable enough to get any attention. You'r missing in SERP-s. 

Not every link is good, valuable desireable. Links to Your web-page show's that somebody likes or needs Your page for some reason. More links, driven by genuine interest, more internet currency You have.

how to build high-quality links?

1. External links
Link has to come from other website, from the different domain. Internal links are not treated as so valuable as external links. You may inter-connect all Your website pages in numerous ways, it doesn't generate extra value.

2. Links having anchor-text
It's much better then someone links Your web-page using anchor-text, than just putting You URL on the page. Best Ice-Cream in the world link tells something about Your web page and is considered to be neutral or objectice opinion (if this is external link). Clever search engines compare words in the anchor-text with the content on Your page (title, description, keywords, headings and body text) and evaluate, is this relevant link or not. Thats why the meta-data quality is so important.

3. Links from high-ranked pages
This is obvious, that higher-ranked pages have more right to say, who else should be valued and promoted in WEB-world. Google is very critical about linking pages and ignoring low PR pages at all. Very good tools to determine donor site quality are SEOmoz Linkscape and Google PR.

4. No link spam
Links from blogs, forums, social networking profiles, comments etc are low-quality links. Often treated as link spam, often equipped with "nofollow" attribute and not counted at all. Genuine links from high-quality content pages are taken much more seriously. Link farms, link directories, having thousands outbound links are not passing almost any value at all.

5. Avoid "nofollow" linking
Few years ago (probably on 2005), Google started initiative, there links with "nofollow" attribute will not pass on any value or rank. Many blog environments and forums started to use default "nofollow" linking in comments and posts to avoid link spam. So, be sure, if You are setting up links, that no "nofollow" attribute is used.

SEOmoz Linkscape or Google PageRank?

SEOmoz introduces their new metrix -- Linkscape MOZrank. Its actually very similar to Google PR. Methodology is similar and both Linscape MOZrank and Google PR are 0-10. Both tools emphasize on incoming link quality.

When Google PR is integer number and every change in PR is huge thing, Linkscape MOZrank has also 1/100-s, 2 digits after the comma. Its easier to see change in the right or wrong direction. Linkscape is still in the Beta, buts seems to function pretty well.

Its very useful also to see their educational videos about the Links :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

More about Google CSI-s

As 10 years old Google is by far dominant from SEO persective g search engine and search authority, its very important to use it right, tuning SEO. Usually I take 3 search engines in account (also Yahoo and MSN/Live), but this post is all about the most important.

Usually I measure 3 critical success indicators (CSI-s) in the order of importance:

  • GBL - Google Backlinks link:
  • GIP - Google indexed pages site://
  • GSR - Google search results, total number, just type "" to Google

They all give some idea, how good Your site is doing and how wide-spread and known it is. 

GBL is by far most desirable index and very hard to get as Google is very sensitive and has trained nose to spam. When MSN/Live and Yahoo index backlinks coming from blog comments and social network sites, again Googel is clearly ignoring all that "spam"-like linking attempts. True links from high-quality pages, using relevalt keyword-rich anchor text are counted. Therefore Google gives much less backlinks using "link:" parameter, than other major search engines. Last 
GIP in general is giving some idea, how massive the site is and is it all indexed by Google. In general, bigger sites are getting better results ang higher PR's.

GSR is just a nice number, how many occurencies of Your site Google finds in the world. But GSR in nothing more than for ego tripping. Here You see all blog spam etc, what is not accepted as backlink. 

Strategic numbers for my Dell websop website are: 126 - 5 450 - 11 100
Same strategic numbers for are: 69 - 10 800 - 55 800 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

How to get correct number of MSN/Live backlinks?

click to enlarge

This MBL is not going to be easy. No tools are showing correct reesults. Usually 0 or 1. Live query, link: or replies zero result, what is not true. Undocumented linkdomain query doesnt work either. Only way is to sign account in Live Search Webmaster Center (image above).

click to enlarge

Click Backlinks tab. Exclude links coming in from Your domain: "Filter backlinks by top-level domain, subdomain or subfolder" . And voilĂ ! I got 226 baclinks. Problem is, that it's not possible to benchmark them against Your competitors, as far You are not able to hack into their Webmaster Center. So, good to record for own knowledge and keep eye on the trend, but thats ptetty much all the joy.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How to measure correctly backlinks in Yahoo

Measuring correct backlink number in Yahoo (YBL) is not as simple as it looks like at first glance. Many sites providing YBL numbers are showing different numbers. What is the right method? I never use Baclink tools or dedicated web-pages. I rely only on rearch engines readings. Let's take my Dell webshop website and check it's backlinks.

First, type query link: into Yahoo, using Your site name indeed:

Yahoo re-directs You to Site Explorer page, not to traditional search result page.

Now You see 2 important numbers. 

Pages means Yahoo indexed pages -- YIP. In Google You may query, so You can do in Yahoo, but directed to the very same Yahoo page. 

Inlinks show incoming (back-) links -- YBL. From SEO perspective, it's important to take account true incoming links, so exclude Your own domain links "Except from this domain", from other pages of same website. As You normally optimize whole site, not only main page etc, choose "Entire Site", to get all external incoming links to Your site. Normally, title page is main linking subject, still considerable amount of links are landing to sub-pages.

So, the right answer is YBL = 714, by my personal interpretation.