Sunday, October 30, 2011


lalaland 041

Just stumbled across these pictures, they aren’t the best quality but I thought what the heck my followers might like this outfit hahaha. This is from the summer by the way, not going out in shorts in this crappy weather (raining and gray in England right now).

Bought these awesome shorts from eBay for around £7, probably one of my best buys from eBay, along with my beautiful faux fur coat and my converse which I have worn to death.
Will have a college outfit post for you sometime this week.

Tigerlilly xxxxx

Saturday, October 29, 2011

halloween: cheap thrills

i was a new york city rat last halloween.
(mask + brown poncho + accidental red chipped nails).
it was cheap and cheerful. when i came across these masks on j.crew's blog
it completely reminded me of this. just download, color them, et voila!
you've got a costume.

what are you going to be this halloween?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

All Red and Twinkle

Hello beauties..
It was a great day yesterday. I wore one of my favorite suit as it was Diwali. All the light and chocolates kindaa gotten into me. I hopped all around my house, playing, eating.. and what else? playing and eating.haha

In the morning I made Rangoli and it turned out pretty well, didn't it? ;)

And I wore this...

Yes I cannot set my face straight

and I make funny faces too

As you all must have guessed by now, I can't help but smile when being pictured.. :D

Suit/kurti/Dress and Leggings- Meena Bazaar
Danglers- Feminine
Gold cuff- Fashion and you
Ring- Forever 21
Heels- Thrifted

Hope you liked my outfit :)

You will see that tribal nail art in the next post.. Can't wait to show you those..

Have a lovely weekend..
Until next time


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Buy it for less, fashion rush style.

American Apparel 3-D jumper
This beautiful jumper costs £75, which is a ridiculous price for someone with a budget like me.
I found an amazing replica on eBay for so much less. Received it in the post yesterday and its gorgeous. Buy it on eBay here. They have it in pink, white and black. I got the white one!

Moschino Belt
Don’t know about you guys, but I have been lusting over this amazing belt for ages now.
But it’s so so expensive, even on eBay they sell for over £50, which for a belt i think is ridiculous.
I somehow stumbled across this website called ‘Ioffer’ which sells designer replicas really cheap!
I purchased this belt the other day and I cant wait for it to arrive! Click here to get one of these fantastic belts for just over £20!

Ysl ‘Arty’ ring
This ring is so beautiful and it seems like everyone has it at the moment. However the price is ridiculous, but of course it is ysl and it will cost that much. But, if you don’t have that sort of cash to spend here is an amazing alternative which will only cost you £1.87 bargain! Click here to get your hands of these beauties!

Alexander Wang ‘Rocco’ Studded Bag
Of course my list wouldn’t be complete without the wonderful Rocco bag. This bag is amazing. However I do not own one yet, due to like £0.123 in my bank. Ebay sell these bags for £20 and they look identical. Buy one here (the cheapest one i could find, tell me if you find a cheaper one!)

Hope you liked this little budget item list and hope it helped, tell me if you would like another one!

Lots of love,
Tigerlilly xoxo

Friday, October 21, 2011


Hey Folks,
Finally I'm done with my exams.. pheww.. They went pretty well..

This is my first attempt to color blocking so kept till bag only. Hope you like it :)

Shirt: Biglife
Jeans: Xpose
Ring: Ginger, Lifestyle : You have seen it here too
Bag: Thriftrd
Shoes: Catwalk
Headband: Stolen

I wore this when 'A' and I went to Bercos, Noida. The food was lip smacking.I ate till my stomach started to hurt. I'm a big foodie!! :D

This is another Nail Art I did. It's very very simple-
- Apply a base coat of any color(like mine is light pink). Let it dry.

-Cut thin layer of tape  and put it criss-cross or any pattern you want (Use a translucent tape)

-Apply a top coat. Yes, the tape would also get colored.( like Majenta in my case)

-Remove it and voila. It's done.

I'm so excited for the weekend and the coming week.
Firstly I'm going out with 'A' tomorrow. It's a surprise for me ..yeyy
Secondly, I'll buy either colored/ black translucent tights for my Zara Skirt.

AND, DIWALI is coming... For those who don't know what it is-
Diwali is a "festival of lights" which is celebrated in India every year. It symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. The Hindus celebrate this festival to commemorate the homecoming of Lord Rama after 14 year-long exile and his victory over the mythological demon Ravana. This year we will celebrate it on 26th of this month.

Here is a glimpse of all the things essential to make a beautiful Diwali more special.
Diyas, Rangoli, Pooja, Crackers and wishes to loved ones :)

Hope you have a lovely weekend cos I sure will :)
See you soon :)

Keep Smiling. Have fun


Thursday, October 20, 2011

20p Sunnies

doodah 031

Like the title says bought some sunglasses for 20p at a jumble sale, bloody brilliant!

Tigerlilly xoxo

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


301445_10150378945276694_610136693_9872799_519461914_n320047_10150378945451694_610136693_9872800_1254188676_n307421_10150378945736694_610136693_9872806_682973043_n (1)310683_10150378944536694_610136693_9872791_1182861395_n296368_10150378945586694_610136693_9872802_1409400366_n

I am so tired! Been going to bed really late recently, I think its time to go to bed early tonight, need to catch some z’s. Will hopefully have another outfit post for you tomorrow, yippiee!
I am so happy right now, just bought a Moschino belt, click here to see what I mean.
Hope my lovely followers are all well, and hope you like this look.
Comments are very very welcome!!

Tigerlilly xxx

where fashion meets art

i love this neon camo print by berlin artist 
anselm reyle for dior. could you picture this bag in 
the dead of (grey)winter? the parisienne fashion house will 
have a pop shop at miami's art basel show in december 
where you can run to get it. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Exam Time!

Hello to the most awesome people of the world!
Yes I believe that you guys are just so lovely and awesome. Your comments have really motivated me to keep in touch with you.. SO here I am to Apologize for not doing the same :(
Sowwieee.. actually my exams are starting from tomorrow. No worries I'll be back in no time, with my much awaited post of Color Blocking!!!

Soo.. Wish me luck? :D 

Keep your chin up cos You are the Best! ;)

No Im not studying this wayy.. But I found it on net.. Isn't it cute? :D

Keep Smiling

cheat sheet

just in case you missed spring '12 fashion week, here's the 
best cheat sheet to get caught up. the wall street 
journal's Off Duty section is my favorite saturday morning read.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ziad Ghanem

stuffffandmedia 068stuffffandmedia 128stuffffandmedia 153stuffffandmedia 155

stuffffandmedia 165

I was so lucky to have gone to Ziad Ghanem’s fashion show in September. It was my first fashion show and it was amazing. My friend, Fleur, her uncle lives with Ziad so we got 2nd row tickets (her mum got first) and loads of freebees. The collection was fabulous, the models were so different and it was overall a wonderful evening. You can check out the video for this show here.
Hopefully I will be attending his show in November, i cant wait!

Love, Tigerlilly