Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Fashion Rush Overview


I am really proud of my blog to this day. I never really imagined that over 650 people would be interested in me, my outfits and my blog. In a year I have achieved so much on my blog. I reached a tonne of followers, got sent clothes for free (!!!?!) and went to a blogger party (delayed post coming soon I promise!) I love blogging so much and really appreciate everyone who follows my little ol’ blog.

In 2013 a few of my goals for the year for my blog are:
-to reach 1000 followers (absolute dream!)
-blog more
-take more time in my writing
-go to a blogger awards party (yes, cosmo blog awards that was aimed at you)

I hope everyone dances their socks off tonight and I wish all of you an amazing new year,
Tigerlilly xxxxxxx

Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year Nail Art + Some Inspiration

Hello Sweethearts

Just three more days and it will be 2013. How many of you believed that World is Really GOING TO END? Be honest :D. Frankly I didn't pay any heed to the rumor, what so ever! So any which ways; we are ALIVE and Living, right? ^_^

So for the year that is going to come, 2013, I've done this cute nail art which I hope everyone likes. Even after the failed resolutions, let one thing be assured- A colorful start to New Year. As 31st December, 2012  and January 1,2013 would never come let's make this a memorable few hours of our lives :) Take a look at my Nail art!

Do you like it? Let me know with your comments below :)

I'd also like to write something here- Mr. A (I hope you remember him ;) ) said a few days back-

Let's not Discuss relationships, Let's Live Relationships

Have you ever wondered that we are so caught up in life's rat-trap that we have forgotten to LIVE and just continue making A LIVING. We talk about relationships- what's going wrong, blame & hurt each other, find solutions to problems and when the most important thing we must be doing is Living the relationship! I'm not talking just about a partner/spouse relationship but friends and family as well.

Next time when you are in a situation when you are not able to find a solution or are about to give up and don't want to please anyone anymore then just remember this- You don't have to continue this.
Just divert your mind with some songs, cooking, dance, movies or anything you like and then do things which both of you (friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend) love! Make plans, go out, enjoy and have fun. Don't feel obligated to do anything which your conscious doesn't permit you of! 
You don't like anything? Say it.. If someone doesn't like you they would say it, if they don't then it's not your problem to worry about them! Love yourself, be yourself and enjoy with people you love.

Forget everything and start living in all forms of life! Enjoy to the fullest and do what you always wanted to do. Don't think, do it :)

These are some of the virtues and lessons that would never die. I hope that you liked reading this LAST post of 2012 and got inspired a little. 
I want to THANK each and everyone of you for reading my blog and for all the love you shared in 2012. Whatever be my resolution and however tough life gets, I'll NEVER STOP BLOGGING! This is one of my Life's Resolutions. What about you? Share below :)

Keep Enjoying

Happy New Year. Love you 2012
Love you more 2013 ;) 
Have a great year ahead from Fictitious Fashion <3


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tell Me About It, Stud.

2media and blawg 147 copy

So sorry for the lack of blogging guys, been really busy with trying to buy presents for everyone also been ill and winter lighting is just annoying.
Anyway, how awesome are my new studded jeans (yes those dots are actually round studs!) from urban outfitters?! They were only… drum roll please… £12.50!!! They were in the sale and urban were doing a half price off all sale items, how fantastico is that. The sale is still on, so go check it out!
I love them and I'm finding it very hard not to wear them everyday.
If I don’t blog before christmas, hope everyone has a fabby dabby christmas xxxxxx

Friday, December 21, 2012

My Christmas Wishlist + Nail Art Ideas for Christmas

Hey Gorgeous

Christmas is coming.. excited much? I am :D Especially because of the magic in the air and love all around <3 Do I sound poetic? (No/Yes?) It just makes me happy.. So without wasting time on mindless blabbering, I'll come straight to MY FIRST WISHLIST- My Christmas Wishlist

Here's my Christmas Wishlist

1. Bebe Bodycon Dress
2. Zara Box Clutch
3. Zara Leather Heels
4. Zara Tote Bag
5. Dior Vernis
6. Zara Heels
7. H&M beige Sweater
8. H&M sequin skirt
9. Forever 21 wedges
10. H&M lace dress
11. Forever 21 polka dot pants
12. Zara boots
13. H&M Collar necklace
14. H&M Blazer
15. H&M Leather Pants
16. Zara embellished heels

So ladies! Time to bring all the nail lacquers and start painting :) 

Here are the winners of!

Congratulations to all of you. Please confirm at and I will give you the coupon code. Remember: You have to pay for the shipping :)

Thank you everyone

Until next time
Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Today's speciality: 12-12-12 Udobuy post

TODAY IS 12-12-12

We would never see such a sequence! Never ever! Many people are getting married, starting something important and celebrating it with new hopes and aspirations. How are you celebrating it? :)

I bring to you this post which is very dear to me :D

a) I'm wearing my new Jacket from
b) The orange dress you see below, I won it and wore it for the first time!
c) This is my First Winter Post :D

So let's get started: oh and I HAVE PUT 12 PICTURES on account of 12-12-12 <3 

Hihihihi :D


Dress: GolMal
Tights: Romwe
Boots: Metro
Sunglasses: Fastrack
Headband: Thrifted

Did you enjoy the pictures?

Happy 12-12-12 :D Yeyyyyy

Iswarya Laxmi
Congratulations! :)

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On Point


Just a few topshop boots I am lusting over at the moment, their shoe collection is on point at the moment, they cant put a foot wrong. How much do the ones on the top right look like the jeffrey campbell cut out boots?! They are identical, and a lot cheaper! Yey Topshop! I have my eye on the oxblood heeled chelsea boots..come to mama!

Saturday, December 8, 2012


245stripyyy 051 copy
(Top: Charity shop, velvet blazer: Primark, Platforms: Jeffrey Campbell Tardy, Jeans: cheap monday second skin)

The other day I was on twitter and someone was talking about the whole blazer and polo neck combo so I thought I would try it out and I love it, I want more blazers and more polo necks, believe it or not this is the only blazer I own, I’m off to a sort of charity shop warehouse now so gonna go see if I can grab me a new blazer…
On wednesday I went to my first blogger party, which was a launch party for rewardStyle and it was so much fun, it was so nice meeting other bloggers! Will have a post on that soon.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend,

Thursday, December 6, 2012 : Everything you want!

Hello Everyone :) Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Today, I'd like to introduce a glorious website called It is a China based Online Fashion Clothing Wholesaler. It has branches worldwide and more than 10,000 styles of oufits from boutiques. Let us see at some of their goodness and items.

  • Has Wedding Dresses, Men's Clothing, Woman's clothing and accessories
  • Gowns and wedding dresses even under $98!!!
  • Buy Cocktail Dresses
  • Cheapest shipping rates as compared to other websites who have 'standard' shipping rates.
  • Discounts, Affiliate programs and Contests are some of the major attractions.
  • If you're a bridesmaid then there are such awesome pieces too- Bridesmaid dresses styles
  • You can shop by colors, price, size, dress length and fabric!!!
  • GORGEOUS and CHEAP BRIDAL GOWNS! What does a girl need? :D
Let's take a look at some of their items :)

Ball Gown
Black Dress
Red Empire gown
Knitting legging
Leather Jacket
Red Dress
Men's High-neck sweater


Stunning Rings


So do you like any of the pieces? I've already listed my favorite ones :D


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Stay Happy :)