Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jefffrey Campbell’s Half Price!!



Guys!!! Secret sales are doing up to 60% off brand new jeffrey campbells!!
You have to register first and then you get access to the sale! I have already made a cheeky jeffrey campbell purchase but its a secret which ones I got, can you guess?



Monday, November 26, 2012

Firmoo Glasses Giveaway: 25 winners!!!!!

Hi Pretty ladies and Handsome guys (if any) ;)

How is everyone doing? Winter has finally set in India and I'm NOT enjoying it..were you expecting, and I AM enjoying it? :P Na.. I hate them.. I love Fall and Spring.. What about you? :)

Okay, so I bring to you this AWESOME GIVEAWAY by Twenty Five people would get $20 to buy any glasses (except designer glasses)! Isn't that amazing? Yes? So let's see how you can get these.

Fill the Rafflecopter form below to participate in the giveaway:

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Note: The winners would have to bear the cost of shipping. :)

The Giveaway is International and ends on 20-12-2012 at 12 am (IST). I would announce the winner on 21-12-2012 on my blog and contact the winners personally too. You have 24 hours to contact me else I'll choose another winner.

The Vouchers would expire on 25-12-2012.

Good Luck Everyone! :)


Saturday, November 24, 2012

I need… cash


These are the main items on my wish list this month (so far!)
Okay hands up who is dying for a fringe leather jacket? MEEEEEEE!!! Urgh I need one desperately, I mean come on guys how badass do they look?! Its top of my Christmas list.
I also just found out that topshop have free delivery till monday and that croc bag is in stock and i may have to do a cheeky purchase.. I cant help it, when topshop do free delievery im just like ah if i don't like it i will return it, I NEVER DO… gawd topshop stop making amazing stuff.
Also, solestuck are having a huuuuuugge sale and im stuck between the all over silver metallic litas and the gold or silver glitter litas.. help me decide, I want to buy both.
what stuff are you guys obsessed with recently?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Easy As 1,2,3

blaaaawgin 016 copyblaaaawgin 038 copyblaaaawgin 043 copy
(Jeans: American Apparel Easy Jean (25% off on asos now with student discount!), Top: Jumble Sale, Leather Jacket: Charity shop, Boots: Topshop Adonis 2) 

I’m so so so so so so in love with these jeans, I have seen them around on blogs and really liked them and how they are basically a denim version of the disco pants. I was quite hesitant about getting them because c’mon people £64 for a pair of jeans? Insane. But obviously I was feeling a bit insane that day so I just went ahead and bought them, I know I will get my moneys worth out of them considering how much I wear my disco pants. I think they will be the perfect spring/summer jean (I know thats a bit far away but whateves) If your thinking about buying them seriously go for it! They are so soft and comfy and super stylish of course…

Shimla: Part II

Hey Gorgeous!

It's time for Shimla Part II.. There are lots of pictures so I would speak less :D But if you have missed the earlier post then you can read it HERE.

Also, don't forget to participate in My Treats for you- 
1. A Giveaway where you can win three items... A Ruffle top, a heart ring a sling bag.
2. A Facebook Contest where you can win an Alainn Bella Satchel Bag in Black.

Enjoy The pictures now :) I've captioned each of them :)

Always keen on getting a free spot to get clicked ;)

The passage view of the hotel we stayed in. At far right corner, you'd see my parents talking while waiting for me :D

The Famous Jakhoo Temple. Picture clicked from mall road!

My current wallpaper! :D You can see the snow on the farthest mountain. A local said, it was on the china border o.O


From the famous Tripti Restraunt! Gosh I love it :D

One of my main reason to go to Shimla was Gol Gappa from Tripti

The Famous Mall Road. Behind me, the statue of Smt. Indira Gandhi

The Christ church, Shimla

From the top ;)

My New Fastrack watch. Sitting pretty in pink :D

Pretty and bright moccasins

The Hairstyle I tried. Like it? I had to tie it firmly from the top as my hair were super silky at that point.

I like this blur!
Without Blur :D

Thank god it was empty!

Sitting in style ;)


Purple Tunic: Ginger, Lifestyle
Denims: Xpose, Biglife
Butterfly necklace: Madame, A gift
Bag: Sher Singh
Moccasins: Nineteen
Watch: Fastrack

Enjoyed the pictures? Let me know your views by commenting below :)

Oh and I almost forgot!!!!!!!!!!! 
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fringy Fringe

I saw these boots a few weeks ago on the schuh website and fell in love. I am a sucker for everything and anything fringe, I love love love it. I poped into the schuh shop yesterday with my dad to see if they were there and had a sneaky little try on and bascially couldnt take them off. I just couldnt do it, so my dad gave in and bought them for me as an early christmas present! yippiieee!!! I can’t wait to wear them out. I love the metal strip at the toe of the boot, its such a nice little touch.
These boots were pretty expensive, £85 to be exact but luckily schuh do 10% student discount so I was able to get them down to £76.50 still expensive I know but I couldn’t leave the shop without them!
Click here to be led to these shoes on the website


Friday, November 16, 2012

ThanksGiving gift for everyone: Udobuy

Hey there!!!!

How is everyone doing on friday? Weekend is here.. I'm sure everyone has great plans :)
What about THANKSGIVING? Do you want to gift yourself something extra special? Everyone exchanges gifts and tell what they are thankful for on Thanksgiving.. In India, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving but this is a lovely celebration :)

I have already reviewed about the wonderful website - READ HERE

They have yet again proven that they are an awesome fashion website! They have come up with a Thanksgiving Gift for everyone!!!!!!

What is the Thanksgiving gift?

There are many gifts and surprises for everyone this Thanksgiving.

1. Get $20 coupon- Like their Facebook Page, Leave your email and name on the page and they will give you $20 coupon worth the same amount on their website for FREE!!! Buy anything, no limits.

2. Get $50 coupon- Go to Make your account. Write 10 or more reviews on the website about any 10 or more items. Tell them what are your plans for holiday and a gift you'd like to receive (any amount) from their website. Send your account details, holiday plan and gift on their email id-

They will choose a lucky winner everyday and they would get the item of their choice for FREE.
Next, they will choose 2 most attractive emails and the winners will get $50 coupon for FREE.

3. Discounts- Old Udobuy members would get 20% off on every item!!!!

New Udobuy members would get 10% off on every item!!!!

Leave a comment after you've participated!
Note: This Thanksgiving SALE is valid TILL NOVEMBER 24, 2012 only!

So now you know what to do :) Head HERE to know more.


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Shimla: Part II in the next post.. :D

Have a wonderful day


Monday, November 12, 2012

Diwali Dhamaka Giveaway: A Celebration

Hello Everyone :)

Today, November 13, is DIWALI :D.. In India, we celebrate it by decorating our homes with lights, rangoli (design with colorrs/flowers), candles and diyas. Everyone enjoys this auspicious festival with their respective families and gives gifts to near and dear ones.. Some people burst crackers too which causes a lot of pollution!!! So its a request to everyone... Please burst less crackers this time and let plants breath too (needless to say, humans).
Have a Safe and HAPPYYYYY DIWALI.. :)

As my Gift to the world's awesomest readers; here is a DIWALI DHAMAKA GIVEAWAY. Yes, you heard it right! Fictitious Fashion in Collaboration with Dazzling Bling has brought this amazing International Giveaway to all my friends out there. Happy News, eh? :)

The Prize(s)

1. A Heart Alloy Ring
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3. A Brown Sling Bag


  • Fill the rafflecopter form below.
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  • Click on any option ONLY if you have entered that information correctly. Do not just click away on all the options.
  • The Giveaway is INTERNATIONAL
  • For any query, contact me at :

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Diwali Everyone.. Enjoy The day, Stay Safe :)


Sunday, November 11, 2012


mum and blog 131 copymum and blog 140 copy

After watching one of sammi’s (from beautycrush) videos this morning I realised I really missed my rail, after moving into my house last year I felt like I no longer needed a rail because my wardrobe had one inside and it fit all my clothes quite nicely. But over the last year I have bought quite a few more clothes and my wardrobe is pretty full, so I whipped out this rail and I love it. I love how my clothes are on show in my room and I think it makes my room more ‘homely’.
Recently I have also been realising that I have hardly any nice A/W clothes until I got my rail out, sorted my wardrobe and realised I have loads, and I don’t have to go spending loads of money on new ones.  Phew.
My A/W wardrobe this year consists of mainly fur, stripes (new obsession!), sequins, dark colours and velvet.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

World's Fashion Network is now LIVE: Style Stanza

Hello Everyone!!!

How is everyone doing? I'm feeling on top of the world ^_^ Any idea why?

It's because the Fashion Network I work in.. My Love, my Job.. Is LIVE NOW!!!!

Style Stanza is World's Fashion Network where everything you do from getting ready in the morning, going to work/college/school; everything you see & listen, dance, music, art.. 
Basically, Everything and everyone is related to Fashion here!

Fashion, Style, Trend are directly proportional to what is happening around you and within you. Whatever you think, whoever you are and wherever you come from; is depicted by your Style which could be inspired from what is Trending in Fashion.

So I REQUEST EVERYONE TO REGISTER themselves at this amazing Fashion Network- Style Stanza. It's NOT just for Women but Men too! :) It would mean the world to me if you register and read the articles as well.. I'm listing some of my articles.. Please take a look :)

Click on Picture to read the post :)

1. Men's Guide to Fall Fashion

2. How to Color Block?

3. A little twist to Everyday hair!

4. Have you got the Gangnam Style?

5. Taylor Swift says Red

These are just the posts which have gone live... More are yet to come :) Stay tuned and PLEASE register and subscribe to the website.. It would mean so much to me :)



Let me know by comment, who all have registered! :)

Until next time


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Land of Beauty, Shimla: Part I

India is a land of beauty; a land where a Gujarati and Kashmiri celebrate Diwali, Holi, Navratri, Christmas and all the festivals you can think of. We just like to celebrate happiness and spend time with our families :)
In mid october, I visited a beautiful city in North India called, SHIMLA!!! Its a peaceful place with hills, scenery, peculiar flowers, mall road, food and much more.. 

So come and take a visit of Shimla again, with me :)


Clicked from my Nikon L810

Sitting by the 'Toy Train'

The Toy Train travels through approximately 130 tunnels and is made in between hills! It takes approximately 6 hours to reach Shimla from Kalka. So I had nothing better to do than click pictures from my New Camera :D

My Favorite Shot!

Our Room in Shimla

Did you enjoy the First part of Shimla? :D We were there for 4 days (including travel) so 3 or four posts more :) I hope you don't get bored and enjoy these beautiful pictures with me! :)

Shirt: Mango
Tank top: Biglife
New Watch: Fastrack
Denims: Xpose, Biglife
Stole: Thrifted
Headband: Stolen
Flats: Catwalk

Today I bought my FIRST PAIR of MINT PANTS!!! I Love this pair.. Just wait until I pair them ;)

Mint Pants: Elle Fashionwear

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1. Coupon code: Nov15
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Enjoy! :)

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Until next time