Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More tartan

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blog & izzy 133edit

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(Top&Skirt: Both jumble sale 20p each!, boots: topshop, bag: charity)

I am in love with anything tartan at the moment. I have a tartan cape, tartan skirt, tartan headband, tartan waistcoat. Love it. Definitely turning into an obsession.

Hope your having a good week,
Tigerlilly xxxx

Something to *Like*

Hello Lovely People!!

How have you been??? I am missing you so much.. Missing replying to your precious comments and missing reading your awesome posts :(
But Life goes on, right? As you know my exams are going on.. So, this is a quick post about a recent contest I participated in..

So I have participated in a giveaway held by S.O.S.- Style on Sale.. The person with the best displayed accessory will win an accessory from them AND the person with the most number of 'LIKES' generated, will win a goodie basket!! Isn't it exciting?? :D

So here is my share-

So If you Like this Picture here then Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee Like It on Facebook TOO..

Here is the LINK..

Please Please Please Help me win!! If your computer is Super-Fast then It will hardly take 3 seconds ;) haha


On another Note... I am planning something special when I hit 250 here as well on Facebook (Together). Stay tuned for more information :) I will be Back on 3rd of March..

Until then
Keep Liking my picture.. Thank you :)


Monday, February 27, 2012


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I recently received this funky iphone case, and oh my gawd i love it. Its the cutest thing ever. I recently bought myself an iphone and i am never going back. They are so useful and amazing! Don’t know how I lived my life without one. Oh yes and I did copy Sammi from beautycrush, I couldn't resist!

Hope your all having a good monday xoxo

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ready For The Weekend

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(Jumper: Primark, Jeans: Topshop, Leather jacket: Charity shop, Bag: Charity shop)

Hello my lovelies,
This is just what I wore today, pretty basic but ahh love these shoes!
My dog Jack obviously wanted to have his debut on my blog.
I’m loving this warm(ish) weather we are having in England at the moment, it means I can put my coats away for a few days. Hurrah!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,
Tigerlilly xxx

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Copy Cat Valentine's Day!

Hello sweetypies!

This is quick post to show what I did and wore on Valentine's Day.. Subsequently leading to something catty! :D

We went to a friend's party on Valentine's Day.. Had so much fun.. but unfortunately I fell ill.. :( Nevertheless.. it was so much fun :D
The next part, I'm taking part in something called 'CopyCat'. It is a series of fun posts done by bloggers and is originally started by Sara from Frills for Thrills. It is such a great concept where you have to copy inspirational looks from Pinterest or anywhere on internet, where similar clothes and post them!! :D Here is my share.. Hope you like them :)

Dress and Ring: Ginger, Lifestyle
Bellies/Flats: Thrifted
Coat: Lakshita
Accessories: Stolen
Tights: Romwe

And this is the picture I copied. Changed it a bit though :). N Yes.. That is Blair Waldorf aka Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl Fame!

FrillsforThrills CopyCats
So I'm a Copycat!! ;)

Oh yess... This Pastry, My Dad brought it for us from Haldirams.. Different for three of us.. To each, his own! ;)

Now as I told you earlier, I'll be taking a short break due to upcoming exams :) Will be back in March with brand new posts about Love, Life, Happiness-- as a Follower suggested :)
and a mix of product reviews and my Style.. oh yes. And Giveaways & contests.. But you can still find me on Facebook and ask anything you want :)

So, looking forward to March, han girls? I am :)

New thing Up- I am taking part in this amazing Giveaway by S.O.S- Style on Sale..

If you are on Facebook then can I ask for a favor? Please click on this link and help me win this giveaway!!! Pleaseeee <3 :)

This is my Entry picture

Until then
Enjoy rest of the week <3


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You are Invited to My Award Ceremony!

Welcome All!!
This is the first time I'm doing such thing. It feels an honor to recognize talents!!
oki.. enough of the Melodrama!!!

Hi Sweeetieessss..

I'm back with the 'Much Awaited' Post- Awards Awards Awards.. Because you have been so kind and generous with your words, you've been a source of my inspiration! Like really!!! I Love Love Love you guys.. So as a token of my appreciation.. and to spread Love and Happiness. :) I'm presenting these awards to you..

Both the Awards have been chosen by me on the following basis:

The First Award- My Favourite Blogger Award ~ Will get a weekly mention of their blog on my facebook page.
  • Person having a genuine and honest opinion about whatever her blog is about!
  • Who is a consistent visitor of my blog, reads, comments(on my blog) and makes me happy! :D
That's it!!

The Second Award- My Favourite Facebook Fan Award ~ Will get a free goodie, the next time I hold a giveaway!
  • A person who has been a consistent visitor of my Facebook page, reads, likes, comments(on my page) and makes me happy! :D
That is it.. Everything is fair in Love, war and Fashion ;)


My Favourite Blogger Award goes toooooo :

Actually I have two in mind~

Congratulations :) Love you <3

To accept this award.. You have to follow these simple rules!

  • Save this picture and upload in the post when you receive the award.
  • Call out the name of the person who has given this award to you~ By linking back to their blog!
  • Write 5 things that sets you apart!
  • Choose at the max TWO people (having a blog of course), who is your favourite blogger
  • Obviously, you cannot choose the person who has chosen you!
  • Write 5 'sweet things' about your favourite blogger's blog or them.
  • Let them know when you have done it.
  • Put this picture as a memory, on your sidebar :)

So, here I go :)

Five things that set me Apart:

1. I find happiness in small little things in life!
2. I prefer receiving/giving hand-made gifts over bought ones!
3. This is like a little off the 'list' but I have to tell you guys- IT IS MY DREAM to go to NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The number of exclamation marks would explain my desperation!
4. I don't follow ANY TREND or what is 'IN' and what is 'OUT'.. I dress according to my mood and when my parents give me money to shop! ;) haha
5. I have a penchant for Spicy food!! Can never stop eating.. I overeat Spicy food!!!!!!!

Five sweet things about Surabhi-->

1. She is the Sweetest Blogger I've ever known! I can even bet, there is no one sweeter in the Blogging world! :D
2. When I read her posts, they are like so genuine and cute.. You get a soothing feeling while reading them :)
3. When I scold her (not literally ofcourse) for not visiting my blog often, she apologizes like she has hurt me and clarifies what she was upto.. hahah.. cuteee
4. She is new to the Blogging world but it's like she is my Best-Blogging-buddy cum good friend in making :)
5. She makes me happy with sweeeeeeet and happy comments  :D .. the best one was " It's like marrying your blog- Loving it" :)

Five sweet things about Sam-->

1. I love her unconditionally!! She is my first Blogger friend and we have like grown together :)
2. She is so damn good at writing!!!!! Just Read ANY post of her's!!
3. Whenever she visits my blog, she asks about my whereabouts and all the good things which I find sweet :)
4. She lives in South Africa but that doesn't stop her and her mom to know about India. Her mom sees the 'top notch' soaps of Indian Television, she knows about Indian Movies, likes Dino Morea, loves Italian food but can't cook.. but can definitely cook Velvet cupcakes, cookies etc.
5. She is a humble person with a nice heart and it is always great to hear from her :)

The Facebook Award would be published on Facebook only! :)

The Next Post would be up on 24th after which I'll be taking a short break due to exams :)
But keep coming as it's regarding Valentine's Day and a something new I've done in terms of Blogging :)

Until then
Keep Smiling :)


Sunday, February 19, 2012


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Did a bit of DIY this morning and thought you guys might like to see it.
Bought the denim waistcoat for around £3 a while ago from a charity shop and then studded the collar and added the tartan and the ‘t’ for Tigerlilly!

What do you guys think?

Hope you all had a good weekend xoxo

The Big Fat Indian Wedding!- Part II

Happy Sunday Friends :)
How is the weekend treating you? Mine is going good but have to study so sorry for lack of good posts! One of my gorgeous followers suggested that I continue with my happy-life-love and all the candid posts :D like the one here and here...
So shall I make it a point to publish a happy-happy post once a week?? Which day would you suggest? :)

Now, I'd like to thank Linda from The Style Moodboard from for holding such a fabulous giveaway- I won an Ellen Tracy Tee!! Yippee and just received the package. It is beautiful :)

Moving on, this is the 2nd part of the Big Fat Indian Wedding I attended.. If you haven't seen the first, then you can see it here :)

These pictures were taken on the day of a function called 'Gharoli'. It is a tradition where the 'Bhabhi', Wife of the Groom's Brother, goes to a gurudwara/mandir/temple and fetches holy water and keeps it in a pot placed on her head! Well of course, the weight is there that's why we gave her a small pot :D The groom later on has to first bathe with this water.
 Hope you like the pictures <3

 Here you will see me dancing.. We danced all the way to temple and back home!! It was so much fun!! :D

Here you can see my younger brother! :)

Suit- Meena Bazaar
Golden Big Cuff: Fashion and You
Bracelet/Bangles: BG's
Headband: Stolen
Mobile Case: Stilettos

Next up, this is merely a better version of the First part.. The earlier pictures were being taken by my mobile.. These are the Photographer's pick.


Here, I'm feeding a Horse with some Dal/Pulses. This is one of the many traditions where the sister of the Groom does the same in order to set the horse for a long-day journey!-That's what I think :P

Electric Blue Lehenga, Bangles, Danglers and Stilettos : Lajpat Nagar

Do you like the pictures?? :)

If you are a member on Facebook then you'd know that I'll be holding a contest in March. Also, I'll be giving 2 awards, one on Facebook and other here in my blog. So to know more about that and to participate, please like my Facebook page. And I'd love if you follow me via Bloglovin too. Make me happy :)

And don't forget to check out  My First Blog Sale!! A member is interested in buying the jeans for a lesser price. If anyone buys it at a higher price before the End of February, then it can be yours :)

Until then
Check out for the next post! It would be the first of it's kind :)


Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day~ Nails DIY

Hey Gorgeous friends!
I'm back as promised, with new set of nail art! And not 'just another' Nail Art but Valentine's Day Nail-Do!!!!

Todayy is the Big Day!!!! Let's take us time out of our busy lives and say- Yipppeeeee :D

So let us start this heart-filled nail design :)

1 <3- First start with a base coat to protect your beautiful nails :)

2<3- Next, paint your nails diagonally, a baby pink! You can use a clear tape if your hand is not steady! I used hand..

3<3- The tricky part! Very carefully make two thick slant lines which 'look' like a heart.. You can fill the notch if the heart doesn't look neat!

4<3- Now, use a toothpick to create horizontal and vertical lines. Tip- Tilt your fingers opposite the motion of the toothpick.. You can choose any colors..

5<3- This part is totally your call!!! Either you can finish with the top coat to get a beautiful shine OR you can cover the nails with sparkle nail polish! :)

Ta Daaa.. Done!!

Here is how it will look <3

To be honest.. I didn't quite like the designs.. :( I'm a lil bit disappointed..  But I like the colors <3 Did you like it?

And tell me now. Do you have any plans for todayy?? Are you doing anything different this V-Day?

I am! And I will show you what, in the coming posts :D

Till then Enjoyy the New vouchers from Romwe.. Oh Did I tell you My New pair of tights and Danglers just arrived~!!!!!!!! Yippeeee I gooooo.. They are lovely.. Maybe I will wear them today :)

Romwe Vouchers- Save $20 for only two products which Model numbers are NCSKQ0075 and NCSKQ0076 on, only be used once per customer! Free shipping
Start date: 02/12/2012  
End date: 02/16/2013

And one last question?? How are you wearing Red today? Or are you boycotting it? *evil laugh*

Hope that this V-day and the coming days, bring loads of Love and Happiness in your lap..

Love you guys... Happy Valentine's day :)


Until Next time
Keep Loving


Jumble sale bargains

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Everything was 20p! You honestly cant go wrong, so even with stuff I couldn’t make my mind up about I got because, c’mon its only 20p. It makes charity shops look expensive.
I cut the red jumper and ripped it so it looks distressed and less boring.
I also cut the Toronto top as I wanted it to be a sort of 90s crop top style.

Lots of love,
Tigerlilly xxxx