Friday, August 31, 2012

Coco Fashion

How many of you always wanted branded and good quality products at cheaper and affordable prices, but never really had a chance to own them?

Well today, I'd like to introduce to you, an amazing website I found online- CoCo Fashion. It is an international fashion website displaying some of the beautiful korean, japanese, taiwan and hong-kong fashion at length. Their items include dresses, blouses, t-shirts, tunics, jackets, hoodies, bags, coats, etc ..Phew!!! And the most awesomest thing I found is- It is very cheap!!!! Take a look at their collection and unmatched prices, yourself and be a better judge! :)

Key Features of CoCo Fashion:

  • No minimum purchases.
  • Cheapest prices you can find anywhere: as low as $8!
  • Cheapest shipping cost!
  • Shipping in over 300 countries. Check if you're country is in the list by choosing the methods like Registered Air mail, DHL, etc.
  • Good customer service available 24X7!
  • 365 days return and exchange!

Aren't you satisfied now? :D I've picked my favorites.. What's your's?
Can you associate any of the above products (in the picture) with any American Tv series? ;) Tell me!

Its 31st August today.. Last day of my Favorite month of the year.. It was again, The Best Month for me.. Learnt so much, had a great time and had unexpected news delivered through friends and blog :)

Sptember 16th, 2012 is my Blog's FIRST ANNIVERSARY!!!! Yes! Its time.. And look at my blog.. still looks new, isn't it? :) Have made special plans for that day especially for you guys <3

New Romwe Coupons for you guys: :)

1) Coupon code: Sep1 - 15% off $70 + at, free shipping. Only be used once per customer. Ends: 09/15/2012
2) Coupon code: Sep2 - 20% off $110 + at, free shipping. Only be used once per customer. Ends: 09/15/2012
3) Coupon code: Sep3 - 25% off $150 + at, free shipping. Only be used once per customer. Ends: 09/15/2012

Don't forget to enter in my blog's giveaways.. 

1) WIN a Summer dress from Prodigy Red. ENTER HERE. Ends September 13, 2012
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Until next time..
Keep smiling :)


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Feeling Blue

spain2012 108 copyspain2012 114 copyspain2012 136 copy
(string vest: eBay, Belt: Jumble Sale, Bag: Car boot sale, Sunglasses: H&M)

I have just finished work so I’m shattered but I thought I would pop these piccys up. I start college next week and I’m desperately seeking a nice (relatively big) bag but cant find a decent one anywhere! any recommendations?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Graduation Day and Blog Award

Hello Sweethearts. How is everyone doing?
The past few days have been super-busy for me because of blogging and internship at an accessory design company. Did I tell about the latter? Ooopss.. Yes.. I'm an intern at a NYC based company. It has been amazing so far! :)

* I was writing this post and everything was complete when I started the 'Blog redefining look' and Wooosh.. the post didn't save, net gone and my post gone.. So I am writing whatever I remember :P *

So as promised, here is my Graduation day *Special Moments* post :) My parents couldn't make it as it was a weekday; nevertheless, I enjoyed with my friends and teachers :) Take a look..

My Favorite Picture

Me, Yashi, Tanya

My Project Mentor

I was randomly clicking pictures to fix my hair ;)

The Best Picture! :D

And Finally! :D
I wore a casual outfit with a subtle hint of formality! We didn't have any dress code so I played around with colors :D

The Entire batch went out for dinner at The Tandoori Village. The food was amazing ;)

I did this Nail art the night before the G-Day.. I wanted a crackle nail polish for so long.. Finally I made it on my own with the help of a newly bought Black Nail art Pen.. Do you like the results? :)


Shirt: Mango
Pants: Madame
Clutch:, buy HERE
Ring: Forever 21
Shoes: Thrifted

So, did you like the pictures? I know I still look like a kid.. hehe. .. but heyy.. All's for good :)


1. My Blog has crossed 500!!!!! Woooot Woooot.. Thank you so much everyone :)

2. The Facebook Page has just crossed 700... You don't know how much happy I am..

3. I recently did a photoshoot for a Fabric designer.. Would show soon :D

4. I have been awarded the 'Notable Newbie' Award by the Team. Thank you so much Blog Adda :)

5. For all those who are new here, Thank you for stopping by :)
I've two GIVEAWAYS going on here...


I have many posts lined up for you.. Like I've written down what to post, when! Phewww..
Happy some? :)

Until Next time

Keep Smiling


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Car Boot Sale Outfit woop woop

spain2012 151 copyspain2012 153 copyspain2012 159 copy
(Everything from the car boot sale obviously!)

Just added all the items up that im wearing and this outfit came to £2.20 how fabby dabby is that?!
I got my as level results yesterday and was really pleased with them, I got 2 A’s, a C and a D, im just trying to ignore the D, but its okay because its still a pass and that’s all I was aiming for.
Tomorrow I am working a night shift with my dad and dreading it, I have to cook and clean etc etc for 19 hours, eugh kill me now, I start at 10 tomorrow morning and finish at 5 sunday morning. But I will probably be earning around £220 so all is good I suppose.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dye Tie

(Hat: Oasap, Tie Dye crop top: DIY, High waisted black shorts: Jumble Sale)

Sorry sorry sorry for my absence over the past 3 weeks, my charger broke whilst on holiday so I couldn’t blog!

I found a crop top really similar to this is urban outfitters a couple of weeks ago and absolutely fell in love with it and thought it would be perfect for holiday, got to the till thinking it was in sale because I found it in the sale section and it turns out that it wasnt and it was 14 quid which I thought was ridiculously expensive for a bra like crop top and the lady at the till was really rude to me so I just thought I would make my own, and managed to make it for under a fiver, result! I bought the white crop top in a pack of two at primark and then just tie dyed it, simples. In yo’ face urban outfitters!

Hope everyone who had gcse & a level results did well! Im still waiting for mine, they still haven't come through in the post! aaah


Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Luckiest Day: My Birthday

And Hello to You too ;) This is My Grand Post.. Grand why? Cos today I'd be doing a very long PICTURE POST of my Birthday.. :)

My Brother blew these balloons and wrote Happy Birthday on each one of them.. one of them had a picture of me too  :P

I had such a great time catching up with my school and college friends (Yes, I am a graduate!). 

So first I went to Geoffrey's to have some Vegetable Enchiladas ~ Unique name, unique dish. This was followed by Blanco's in Khan Market. There I had something I don't remember :P L'opera is famous for Macaroons and how can I resist some sweetness? I had the most amazing flavors- Lemon & Chocolate. My day concluded with a family dinner at Desi Vibes. It was surely the most Amazing Birthday! :)  Now you can let the pictures speak :)

This is what I wore on my B-day. The lace dress which I was talking about in my previous posts is this one from Promod. Isn't it just beautiful? I wore it with a necklace from Promod itself.

And this is the CLUTCH I got from
You can buy it from HERE

I also received this Beautiful Oasap Layer Necklace
You can Buy it from HERE

Yes that's Mehendi/Henna

Me Cutting a Chocolate Truffle Pastry ;)
Cake we'd cut on mom's B'day; which is tomorrow, i.e. 20-08-2012 :D

Vegetable Enchiladas

L'opera Macaroons, Lemon and chocolate flavor

And this is the gift I received from a friend.. Rest of them are lazy and convinced me that they'd give soon :D

Necklace from Madame

Black Clutch from Madame


Dress, orange/mustard necklace: Promod
Shoes: Miss England
Clutch:, many colors are available, BUY HERE
Layer silver Necklace:, BUY HERE
Headband: Stolen, Biglife
Orange Bracelets: Thrifted
Butterfly Necklace, Black lace clutch: Madame, a gift

So tell me everyone~ Did you like what I wore? I was so excited to show you this dress :D
AND what about the Big Envelope Oasap clutch? I had my eyes on it since I came to know about Since then I've been dying to buy it and here its mine ;) The cute starfish necklace by caught my eyeballs for its cuteness! :D

Did you enjoy the post? I'd love to hear all about it :)

TWO GIVEAWAYS are going on in my blog

1. Win a Prodigy Red Jersey Dress~ Any Color/Size..

2. Choose your own dress from Mont Affair: 8 weeks, 8 winners

Don't forget to participate. And guys Please Please make sure that you FOLLOW ME PUBLICLY VIA GFC and write the appropriate name.

Keep Smiling

See you next time!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

GIVEAWAY: Mont Affair

Hello to everyone!!!

My previous giveaway has just started and here I bring to you another Fabulous Giveaway by Mont Affair.
As soon as I saw the website, I clicked on the dresses and accessories section and found some Breathtaking pieces... You should see for yourself to believe it! :)

This is just a trailer.. They have such beautiful dresses and exquisite pieces that I lay flat for as long as I were on their website!

Now time for the GIVEAWAY!!!! :D

You could win your Favorite Dress of Your choice, any color size (whichever is available). Just go HERE and fill the rafflecopter form :) and this is not it! They are choosing 1 winner each week for over 8 weeks! Contest ends on September 24,2012. ONCE DONE, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT SO THAT WE CAN VERIFY! :)

You can visit the following links to stay updated!

For my lovely readers.. Romwe codes are available :)

1. Coupon code: Aug15
$15 off $75 + on, free shipping: only be used once per customer, ends on 31st August, 2012

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3. Coupon code: Aug35
$35 off $155 + on, free shipping: only be used once per customer, ends on 31st August, 2012

Note: Open via Above links ONLY to avail discounts :)

See you  next time :)


Monday, August 13, 2012

G for Giveaway: Prodigy Red

Hey Fellas!!!!!!

Only 1 hour left for my Birthday to get over: so I'm making the most of it! :D
I had an Awesome time today, with friends and family.. Also, I attended my First cousin's wedding.. It was spectacular..what an experience! :D would show the pictures in the subsequent posts :)

So.. As a token of my appreciation, I've collaborated with a fabulous fashion website called Prodigy Red.
I had reviewed their website HERE.

You get a chance to win a sexy Summer Dress from Prodigy red! Take a look :)

Like it? You can have it! Just Enter via the rafflecopter form :)
Giveaway Starts today, August 13, 2012 (My Birthday ;) ) - Eastern Standard time.. if it shows come soon.. please hit refresh after a while :) 
Ends on September 13, 2012 :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So what are you waiting for? It is open INTERNATIONALLY :)

NOTE: Please make sure that you complete all the details before entering any option! I'd check all the entries and unlike last time, won't remind people to rectify it!

If you have any problem, you can mail me at

Hope you have a nice week!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Splash of Colors + Giveaway Winner

Hey Gorgeous People <3

How is everyone? It is my BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!! Yes, I'm being (trying) Blair Waldorf ;)
So I have got a BIG surprise for youuu.. You would see it in my next post :)

Right now, let me show you some adorable stuff I bought from Promod (First time), miss Jo, Miss England & Fabindia.. Take a look :)

Necklace: Promod
Wedges: Miss England
Wallet/clutch: Miss Jo
Kajal/Kohl: Fabindia
Ring: Lotus Mendes, Giveaway gift by Stylish by Nature

There is a dress from Promod as well which I bought for my Birthday ~ Would show it that day itself ;)

Big News- We are 600 on FACEBOOK
I am soooooooo happy :D Thank you everyone :)

Now the GIVEAWAY WINNER of THIS giveaway

We got a whooping 755 Entries.. woah!!!

So the Winner is:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am going to attend my First cousin's wedding so I would be out of town from 10th-12th.. See you on my Birthday ;) -13th of August ~ Save the Day :D

Keep smiling :)