Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ziad Ghanem

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Unfortunately I didn’t get the best photographs, the majority of them are of Made In Chelsea’s Mark Francis and Victoria’s heads as they were sat right in front of me. It’s quite funny actually, they arrived late and there were no seats for them! Until someone didn’t show up who was supposed to be sat front row they nabbed it, both of them on one seat. Quite funny actually.
I was so lucky to be invited to the Ziad Ghanem show, I went last year (my first fashion show) and absolutely loved it and he is quickly becoming one of my favourite designers. His work is so creative and I love how theatrical the shows are. He also uses a variety of models which is really refreshing, from different races to different sizes. How it should be.
The collection was really beautiful, so annoying that I couldn’t get many good quality photographs… I’m supposed to be a photography student as well! Tut tut my teacher would not be proud.
I got invited to his show as my best friends uncle is a good friend of his so we got tickets, after we went for some super yummy sushi at a restaurant called Satsuma in Soho which was amazing, definitely recommend it if your a sushi fanatic like me!

p.s I’m currently selling everything on my blogshop for £5 or under so go check it out! cheap as chips!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The 10 Colors of 2013: Pantone

Hey Guys

I'm in such a good mood. After seeing colors, flowers, food, couples in love, smiles: I'm in a better mood :)

Today, I'd like to do a colorful post on the Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2013

These are some of the Best colors which have already started trending. Let's take a look on the colors and how to imbibe them into our wardrobes.

1) Emerald

The Pantone Color of the year, 2013 is indeed a very graceful color.

2) Mykonos Blue (monoco blue)

Ditch the monotonous Blue and welcome this endearing color.

3) Linden Green (greenish yellow)

The new Khaki and the color that brings us closer to nature is one to lookout for on runways.

4) Acai (midnight violet)

This color exudes richness and luxury that are class apart! Color-block your way into Acai.

5) Samba (poppy red)

The Sizzling samba dance and this shade; synonymous, isn't it? Switch into a dramatic mode with this one!

6) Koi (nectarine)

Moving away from Tangerine we have Nectarine aka koi. Mix n match with this superior color!

7) Deep Lichen Green (Moss Green)

A dynamic color featuring a richness of cool green shade.

8) Vivacious (Deep fuchsia)

My personal favorite, this would instantly boost your mood and is always peppy to wear!

9)Carafe (yellowish coffee)

A very rich brown which is easy to wear and easier to earn the 'brownie' points. 

10) Turbulence (Shades of Grey)

Very sophisticated grey and we won't miss the dull one!

Tell me your FAVORITE COLOR now :D

Hope you enjoyed reading the post :)


Sunday, February 24, 2013

LFW Day 5: Underdressed

(Sheer patterned top: Charity Shop, Jeans: cheap monday (of course), Leather Jacket: Charity Shop)

I was very unprepared for day 5 of fashion week. I started outfit planning the day before and had NO idea what to wear. I wanted to be warm and still look nice and ALL my clothes were in the wash… Why are all your clothes always in the wash when you need them most?! This outfit is pretty boring and all black is just so funeral like, I have really gone off it and all black outfits in general.  So I arrived at Somerset House surrounded by gorgeous fashionable people and I began to feel very underdressed and felt a bit judged! I got my makeup done at mac and the lady gave me a gorgeous greeny black smokey eye which was done so amazingly however I soon found out I don’t exactly suit dark eye make up, still I was very grateful the the lovely makeup she did for me and even more grateful for the goody bag which included 2 powder pigments (I gave one to my bezzie), a gorgeous coral lipstick that I have been lusting after for ages called Vegas Volt and also a mascara which I’m not that fond of, so I gave it to my mum. Next post will be on the Ziad Ghanem show that I attended after my makeover so keep ya eyes out xxx

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beanie Baby

(Acid wash jeans: h&m, belt: urban outfitters, mohair jumper: topshop, boots: schuh, beanie: ebay)

Fashion Week aside, here’s what I wore about a week ago to college. I am so in love with this fluffy jumper from topshop, I find it very hard not to wear it everyday. On tuesday I went back into London for my second take at LFW, I arrived at somerset house to have my make up done my MAC which was amazing and I also got a bag full of goodies (for free!! ee) but the vibe around the venue felt very different. Friday was insane and was the most amazing experience however on tuesday I felt a lot of people were fighting for attention and pushing and shoving to get street snapped. It all just seemed quite negative and it felt like it had lost its touch which was really sad. Anyway after getting my makeup done I went to Ziad Ghenems show which was amazing (post soon to follow) and then went for sushi.  I'm now I’m sitting in bed at 2pm knackered, it feels like I haven't really sat down the whole half term.

Monday, February 18, 2013

LFW Day 1: Street Style


The street style on friday was amazing, as the first day of fashion week a lot of people went all out. You may recognise a few people, Kavita from she wears fashion who looked absolutely gorgeous, Andy from style scrapbook who was so lovely, photo to follow when I do a bloggers special post, also I spent the majority of the day with the super stylish helena who is in the middle at the top! A man dressed up as Karl Lagerfeld described her as a funky zebra which made my day.
What do you think of the streetstyle snaps I took?
I wanted to take more of people but I was a bit too shy to ask people! I’m going up to LFW again tomorrow so will try to take some more for sure.
I got street snapped quite a few times which was so cool, I felt so famous! I went out to grab some lunch with shope and got bombarded by cameras on the street and got so many funny looks from passers by, but its possibly the best feeling being snapped as you know you have done well with putting your outfit together! Let me know if you see me on any blogs/websites etc as I didn’t give anyone my blog or anything, silly me… I need to get cards done or something. I’m so unprofessional.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

LFW Day 1: What I Wore

(Cape: Vintage from a car boot, Jeans: cheap monday. boots: schuh, clutch: vintage, sunnies: h&m)

I'm going to do a series of LFW posts as I have SO much to blog! From the lovely amazing bloggers I met to some amazing street style. I was so stuck on what to wear to LFW as I wanted to stand out and show my personal style. When people asked me where my cape was from I was so tempted to go ‘it’s dolce and gabana darling’ but I can’t lie very well and instead I blurted out ‘it was £2 from a car boot’ so stylish Tiger. It was so much fun overall however I was so so so excited for the Zoe Jordan show I was invited to and had to get the early train (very expensive train ticket!!>!?!!) and I started queuing up all excited and buzzing for the show, I got in and was led to a little room and the show was on a friking screen… Can you imaging my disappointment? For some reason there wasn’t enough space for all of us so we had to experience the show on a screen. I was fuming. Never been so disappointed in my life.

Anyhoo I had the most amazing day, I met the lovely shore and shope from Londons Closet which was so cool as I am probably their biggest fan, I love their blog so much! If you havent checked them out already, I strongly advice you too, I get so much inspiration from their blog. I also met the ever so stylish Helena who looked amazing in her head to toe Nasty Gal ensemble.
More LFW stuff coming in next post so keep your eyezz out

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Celine Who?

(‘Celine’ Top: eBay, Jeans: H&M, Boots:Topshop, Bag: gifted by the lovely people at La Moda, Denim Waistcoat: Charity shop, Necklace actually ankle cuff!: eBay)

Sooooooooo guess where I’m off to tomorrow? Gwarrrn take a guess. No?
I'm off to London Fashion Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeee so so excited. Can’t believe I even managed to get an invite for a show. I’m only seeing one show but I’m going to hang around and do some street style, meet up with some bloggers and then meet a friend after. I’m a little nervous and I don’t know what to expect and choosing the right outfit is so hard! I think you have to look quite effortless but look amazing at the same time, I’m sure you guys know this already, but its not the most easiest of things.
Anyhoo I’m bringing my camera along to do some streetstyle and also I’m thinking of vlogging it, what do you guys think? I’ve been wanted to set up a youtube channel for ages now but been to scared to, I think easing myself in with a vlog would be a good way in. Let me know if you would like to see it! Are any of you guys going to LFW? Let me know if you are! Would love to meet some of you.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day in RED

Hello Sweethearts

It's Valentine's Day and this is my 100th post :D
I love being in Love and I Love Valentine's Day <3

Today's post is dedicated only to you! My readers and my best friends :)

Happy Valentine's Day to you all. Just ENJOY yourselves today. Even if you are single it shouldn't stop you from celebrating this joyous occasion. Do you Love yourself? Good then! You are your valentine, I am, your family and friends. Just smile all day, wear Red/Pink, eat without guilt, shop without limits and laze without boundaries. It's your day so enjoy :)

I'd also like to introduce IKNOW~ The Brainchild of Timsy and Siddhartha. They are a fabulous and creative dua who opened up their label in 2009. Their clothes are divine and the quality unmatchable!
With free shipping across India at affordable prices, they are a step ahead of everyone.

I received this amazing Crimson Shirt with Black shoulder panels. Take a look at my outfit :)


Shirt: IKNOW
Pants: Udobuy
Scarf: Elle
Shoes: Catwalk
Sunglasses: Fastrack
Earrings: Stolen, Ritu Wears

What do you have to say about my first RED acquisition? Yes first!

IKNOW website:
IKNOW on Facebook:
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IKNOW on Pinterest:

I love reading each comment :D Please leave some love


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Love you Loads!

Keep Loving

Spring Summer 2013: SPLASH

Hello Everyone

Today I'd be introducing my own Ensemble made from the wonderful collection of SPLASH

My inspiration behind the Look

While the literal meaning of the word Splash maybe 'a sound which is made by falling something into water'. In the world of fashion we can associate it with two things 
SPLASH- The Brand
and Splash Of colors

I've imbibed the colors with the brand and created a look in lime and coral which would be a huge hit this Spring.
Captivating yet striking colors when paired together gives unmatched results which can certainly be carried forward by a confident lady. In modern times, all we need is a bit of glamour tossed with confidence and panache. What better to describe her than with sleeveless asymmetrical blouse, a structured blazer and blue denims. Taking the outfit up a notch is the animal instinct which everyone has~ An owl Pendant! Finish the look with a flower cuff and a classic pair of black shades!

Elegance takes a different turn as all we need is SPLASH!

Stay Stylish