Friday, September 27, 2013


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(Fur: Vintage, Necklace: Carboot, Hat: Borrowed from my mumma, Belts: Car boot, Bag: H&M)

Woah its been a long time. I am very very sorry for being the worlds shittest blogger. As you probably know (I have ranted on about it a gazillion times) my camera is broken and now being fixed (FINALLY) but its going to take 3 weeks. I have asked my lovely friend Cathy if I can borrow her camera now and again and she said yes so hopefully I will at least have 1 outfit post a week. I’m sorry for the delay I just haven’t felt up for blogging recently. But anyhoo i’m back, did ya miss me?
So yes, london fashion week. It was amazing per usual. It was 2 weeks ago now so to be honest a lot of it has drifted from my mind. I met up with the super lovely Amy and hung around with loads of other bloggers going to shows and hanging out in the amazing new look refuel room which is basically heaven in a room. There were smoothies, food, make up artists, hair people, a photobooth. Yeah, so, heaven. The weather was really shitty but we all ignored that and enjoyed the day regardless. After all the shows, Amy and I met up with the coolest twins in london shope and shore and went to nandos. Nom nom. Overall it was a really lovely day and I really can’'t wait for next season!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mintify Magazine Blogger Template

 Mintify Magazine Blogger Template :  Bringing the New fantastic and incrdible magazine style blogger for you !! That is What we called "Mintify Magazine Blogger Template".This template is just recently launched by Templateify , which is really a rare and magnificent template.Due to its magazine style and floating header this template become more impressive and inspiring.Onr Right Side-bar along with beautiful drop down menu.

Informations about Mintify Magazine Blogger Template

  • Template Name : Mintify Magazine Blogger Template 
  • Author : Templateify
  • Style Of Template : Magazine
  • Template Release Date : 17 September 2013

Features of Mintify Magazine Blogger Template

  • Professional and stylish Look
  • Floating Header
  • Customized Widgets
  • Works with all browsers
  • White
  • Magazine Style
  • One Right Sidebar
  • 4 Columns Footer
  • 3 Columns Layout
  • Stunning Design

Monday, September 16, 2013

My Blog's 2nd Anniversary


Today is the day! Today, 2011 I wrote my very first article "Toddler's First"
Two years have passed by and it still feels LOVELY & Wonderful each time I write an article :)

I made this cake for my mom's birthday- 20th august. One week after my b'day :)

THANK YOU MY AMAZING READERS for your support, kindness and Love. It truly means so much to have you as my loyal Blog friends :) <3

I also want to tell you one BIG thing. It may or may not be a surprise for you guys but the thing is.. I'm taking a loooooong break from blogging due to the most important exams of my life.

I might not (would do if I'm really really getting bored of studies or have time) blog for a few months now.
17-09-2013 to 15-01-2014
Four Months I'll not be able to visit any of your blogs :( But I promise, when I'm back in the New Year... There'll be a huge makeover, many posts and my results :D

Please, don't forget me... :( I will Miss You guys :(
I will be back in no time.. Love you so much dear Bloggy .. Happy 2nd Birthday to you.. and thank you everyone once again :)

P.S. I might be on facebook- My page once in a while so you can stay in touch there :)

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Stay Happy
Stay Blessed
Stay Stylish

You know who ;)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Simple White Clean SEO Blogger Templates 2013

SEO Blogger Templates 2013 : Back in 1996 , two nerds named Larry page and Sergey Brin Started a Project for creating an awesome search engine , which they called BackRub ( later it got the name "Google").After the popularity of Google , they started a Network called AdSense which pay per Click.People start taking interest in earning money Online.But what was the main thing they want for Earning alot? That was Visitors from Search Engines !! So Search Engine started getting used more and more ,in this regards web owners were trying to puzzle out how to make their particular web sites arrive into their listings and on the top of Search Engines.This Thinking gives birth to SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) Now implementing SEO is not the game of kids , in this regards we have find an awesome template for you !! which will enables you to get traffic from Search Engines without doing SEO , actually the template is SEO Optimized Template , therefore it will help you in SEO.Moreover all extra tricks which are included in SEO should be implemented by the Owner of the web , but for newbies I recommend these templates !

Simple White Clean SEO Blogger Template 2013

 SEO Blogger Templates

Features Of Simple White Clean SEO Blogger Template

  • Clean White Background
  • Professional Style
  • SEO Friendly
  • Drop Down Meun
  • Auto Read More
  • Powerful SEO Features
  • Beautiful Commenting Section
  • Social Profiles and Social Sharing
  • Navigation Bars
  • Awesome image swinging feature
  • Works with All Browsers

Super SEO Blogger Template

Features of Super SEO Blogger Template

  1. SEO Friendly
  2. Robots Lover
  3. Clean Awesome Header
  4. Consist on Two Column
  5. Stylishly Post Gadget
  6. Classic Drop Down Navigation Menu
  7. Right Sidebar
  8. Easy Programming Codes
  9. Smoothly Layout

Monday, September 9, 2013

Three's Fun: White * Fish * Stripes

Hello Everyone

Today I'm back with a different outfit post. This might be my last outfit post as I'm taking a break for exams. More about it in my next post :)

The very kind people of Sammy Dress sent me these beautiful clothes of which I decided to present in a Single post.

Sammydress is a leading global online wholesale supplier of Wedding Dresses and Wedding Accessories, Special Occasion Dresses and Accessories, Casual Dresses, , Lifestyle Products and many more great items.

What I like about Sammy Dress

- It has world class products consisting from a Tootbrush sanitizer to cocktail dresses and wedding gowns.
- Absolutely loving the price range they offer.
- Free Shipping worldwide

So here it is.. Three outfits- One Post cos Three's Fun ;)


Yes I look different! :D

This White shrug is as important as any black shrug/cardigan is. Great for summers and autumn when you wanna beat the heat as well as stay away from the scorching sunlight. 

I paired this white shrug with an electric blue vest, colorblend scarf, blue sunglasses and black pair of pants. Finished the look with studded denim loafers.


Shrug: Sammy Dress
Blue Vest, Scarf: Romwe
Pants: Udobuy
Mustache Ring: Dazzling Bling
Studded loafers: Randa
Sunglasses: Choies

2. Many FISH in the SEA ;)

Everyone here knows how much I LOVE colors! The more, the better for me. They just lift my mood instantly. This fish print blouse is an amazing addition to my colorful closet :)

Paired this amazing shoulder padded blouse with yellow pants and kept the look simple.


Blouse: Sammy Dress
Pants: Vero Moda

3. STRIPE Me Out

My First pair of stripes is this lovely blazer from Sammy Dress. It is very versatile and gives a navy look with the intricate button details and shoulder padding.

This is my first outfit-set. Clubbed electric blue pants with white blouse and black pumps


Blazer: Sammy Dress
White blouse: Oasap
Pants: Madame
Pumps: Milanoo
Sunglasses: Choies

Which outfit/ top did you like the best? Let me know in the comments below :)


Saturday, September 7, 2013

How To Add Animated Buttons in Blogger

Animated Buttons For Blogger : Let's Do Something interesting , today we are going to share some beautiful style buttons which can be easily made by using CSS.Actually these buttons makes your "download links" attractive and stylish.For adding these buttons you have to add a Script in template HTML , so first backup your Blog Template and then implement this hack !

How To Add Animated Buttons in Blogger

  • Go To Blogger
  • Click On Template
  • Edit HTML
  • Search For  ]]></b:skin> 
  • Copy the Below CSS Script and paste it above  ]]></b:skin>
CSS Script
.button {display: inline-block;position: relative;padding: 10px 20px;-webkit-border-radius: 8px;-moz-border-radius: 8px;border-radius: 8px;text-decoration: none!important;text-shadow: 1px 1px 0 rgba(255,255,255,0.4);font: 15px Calibri,Arial,sans-serif;white-space: nowrap;vertical-align: baseline;background-image: url('');background-position: bottom left;background-position: bottom left,top right,0 0,0 0;background-repeat: no-repeat;background-clip: border-box;-webkit-box-shadow: 0 0 1px #fff inset;-moz-box-shadow: 0 0 1px #fff inset;box-shadow: 0 0 1px #fff inset;-webkit-transition: background-position 1s;-moz-transition: background-position 1s;transition: background-position 1s;cursor: pointer;}
.button:hover {background-position: top left;background-position: top left,bottom right,0 0,0 0;}
.button:active {bottom: -1px;}
.button.big {font-size: 30px;}
.button.medium {font-size: 18px;}
.button.small {font-size: 13px;}
.blue.button {border: 1px solid #84acc3!important;color: #0f4b6d!important;background-color: #48b5f2;background-image: url(''), url('') ,-moz-radial-gradient(center bottom,circle,rgba(89,208,244,1) 0,rgba(89,208,244,0) 100px),-moz-linear-gradient(#4fbbf7,#3faeeb);background-image: url(''), url('') ,-webkit-gradient(radial,50% 100%,0,50% 100%,100,from(rgba(89,208,244,1) ),to(rgba(89,208,244,0) )),-webkit-gradient(linear,0% 0,0% 100%,from(#4fbbf7),to(#3faeeb));}
.blue.button:hover {background-color: #63c7fe;background-image: url(''), url('') ,-moz-radial-gradient(center bottom,circle,rgba(109,217,250,1) 0,rgba(109,217,250,0) 100px),-moz-linear-gradient(#63c7fe,#58bef7);background-image: url(''), url('') ,-webkit-gradient(radial,50% 100%,0,50% 100%,100,from(rgba(109,217,250,1) ),to(rgba(109,217,250,0) )),-webkit-gradient(linear,0% 0,0% 100%,from(#63c7fe),to(#58bef7));}
.green.button {border: 1px solid #96a37b!important;color: #345903!important;background-color: #79be1e;background-image: url(''), url('') ,-moz-radial-gradient(center bottom,circle,rgba(162,211,30,1) 0,rgba(162,211,30,0) 100px),-moz-linear-gradient(#82cc27,#74b317);background-image: url(''), url('') ,-webkit-gradient(radial,50% 100%,0,50% 100%,100,from(rgba(162,211,30,1) ),to(rgba(162,211,30,0) )),-webkit-gradient(linear,0% 0,0% 100%,from(#82cc27),to(#74b317));}
.green.button:hover {background-color: #89d228;background-image: url(''), url('') ,-moz-radial-gradient(center bottom,circle,rgba(183,229,45,1) 0,rgba(183,229,45,0) 100px),-moz-linear-gradient(#90de31,#7fc01e);background-image: url(''), url('') ,-webkit-gradient(radial,50% 100%,0,50% 100%,100,from(rgba(183,229,45,1) ),to(rgba(183,229,45,0) )),-webkit-gradient(linear,0% 0,0% 100%,from(#90de31),to(#7fc01e));}
.orange.button {border: 1px solid #bea280!important;color: #693e0a!important;background-color: #e38d27;background-image: url(''), url('') ,-moz-radial-gradient(center bottom,circle,rgba(232,189,45,1) 0,rgba(232,189,45,0) 100px),-moz-linear-gradient(#f1982f,#d4821f);background-image: url(''), url('') ,-webkit-gradient(radial,50% 100%,0,50% 100%,100,from(rgba(232,189,45,1) ),to(rgba(232,189,45,0) )),-webkit-gradient(linear,0% 0,0% 100%,from(#f1982f),to(#d4821f));}
.orange.button:hover {background-color: #ec9732;background-image: url(''), url('') ,-moz-radial-gradient(center bottom,circle,rgba(241,192,52,1) 0,rgba(241,192,52,0) 100px),-moz-linear-gradient(#f9a746,#e18f2b);background-image: url(''), url('') ,-webkit-gradient(radial,50% 100%,0,50% 100%,100,from(rgba(241,192,52,1) ),to(rgba(241,192,52,0) )),-webkit-gradient(linear,0% 0,0% 100%,from(#f9a746),to(#e18f2b));}
.gray.button {border: 1px solid #a5a5a5!important;color: #525252!important;background-color: #a9adb1;background-image: url(''), url('') ,-moz-radial-gradient(center bottom,circle,rgba(197,199,202,1) 0,rgba(197,199,202,0) 100px),-moz-linear-gradient(#c5c7ca,#92989c);background-image: url(''), url('') ,-webkit-gradient(radial,50% 100%,0,50% 100%,100,from(rgba(197,199,202,1) ),to(rgba(197,199,202,0) )),-webkit-gradient(linear,0% 0,0% 100%,from(#c5c7ca),to(#92989c));}
.gray.button:hover {background-color: #b6bbc0;background-image: url(''), url('') ,-moz-radial-gradient(center bottom,circle,rgba(202,205,208,1) 0,rgba(202,205,208,0) 100px),-moz-linear-gradient(#d1d3d6,#9fa5a9);background-image: url(''), url('') ,-webkit-gradient(radial,50% 100%,0,50% 100%,100,from(rgba(202,205,208,1) ),to(rgba(202,205,208,0) )),-webkit-gradient(linear,0% 0,0% 100%,from(#d1d3d6),to(#9fa5a9));}
  • After adding this CSS Script Save the template!
  • Now Add any of the below HTML Code/Script in Post where you want to appear the Buttons.

 HTML For Large Size Buttons

<a class="button big blue" href="#">text</a>
<a class="button big green" href="#">text</a>
<a class="button big orange" href="#">text</a>
<a class="button big gray" href="#">Text</a> 

HTML For Media Size buttons

<a class="button medium blue" href="#">text</a>
<a class="button medium green" href="#">text</a>
<a class="button medium orange" href="#">text</a>
<a class="button medium gray" href="#">Text</a>
Customization : Replace # in the script(HTML) with the URL and Text with the Anchor Text .

So What's Up : Adding these Bubble Buttons makes your post more attractive and Cool.So if You Can why not implement it?Stay Blessed , Happy Blogging!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

|| Red Ridding Hood ||

Hey Friends

My exams are on my head so I don't get enough time to visit your blogs or post here or on facebook. Apologies! :( But once they are over, I promise to be regular :)

Without further ado.. Here's the FIRST outfit post where I'm wearing MAKE-UP or a Lipstick per say ;)

There's no need to introduce the Fabulous Website- Choies. It's a Fashion website that sells inspirational and unique designer items ranging from clothes, shoes, jewelry and more.

What I like about Choies

- Unique items that I personally haven't seen on other websites (like most do)
- FREE SHIPPING~ This attracts most people who live across the globe.
- Earn points (via giveaways, surveys, shopping etc) and use them for your next purchase. How cool is that?

Now about the outfit

I'm wearing this beautiful Red Bowknot Hat, Hair Garland and sunglasses from none other than Choies. Nothing beaths Black and White combination than RED. So I chose to apply Viviana Lipstick (my first, a gift). Tossed this look with my favorite pair of black peep-toe pumps and polka dot bag.


Bowknot Hat, Hair Garland, Sunglasses: Choies
Blouse and Bag: Oasap
Pants: Udobuy
Pumps: Milanoo
Lipstick: Viviana India, Sizzling Red

What do you have to say about my outfit, new watermark, the pictures? :D
Personally, I love these! <3

The Winner of Bellast Giveaway is

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please contact me within 48 hours..

As a girl, is it possible to live without makeup & cute accessories?
Just fetch these hotties at their cheapest time :P >
Only 72 hours!!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Keep Smiling

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How To Create Table Of Contents in Blogger

Create Table Of Contents in Blogger : By Creating Table of Contents in your Blog will help you to arrange your Blog Contents category wise.This Widget is specially designed for blogs which contains alot of categories , this widget will enable them to place all the categories along-with the specific posts in a page called "Table of Contents".The most interesting fact about this widget is that it will help the readers to inform that which post is "New" and which is "Old" . The word New will dance with latest posts and Old will be with Old Posts.

How To Create Table Of Contents in Blogger

  • Get into Blogger Dashboard
  • Click On Pages
  • Create a Static Page
  • Click On HTML of the Page
  • Copy the below script and paste it into the Page HTML
 <script src="//"></script>
<script src="/feeds/posts/summary?alt=json-in-script&amp;max-results=1000&amp;callback=loadtoc" type="text/javascript"></script>
  • Name the Page "Table Of Contents" or any thing else
  • Hit Publish and that's it!
So What's Up : This widget just arrange all the Blog Contents in a social way.And it helps the readers to navigate old and new posts.Stay Blessed ,Happy Blogging!